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It's hard to see our favorite Star Trek hero characters play villains in movies and sitcoms.  2 examples are George Takei as Vice-Admiral Baron Takahashi in "Blood Oath" aka "Prisoners of The Sun" (1990)......



....and Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) as Alfred Bestor in "Babylon 5"

I experience a similar, yet much stronger feeling when viewing Robert Young,

Robert Stack, Ward Bond, and Dan Dailey in The Mortal Storm (1940).

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Due to the music of Bernard Herrmann, I've come to the conclusion that Cape Fear (1962) and Psycho (1960) are the same movie. The only differences being: different scenery; different actors; different scripts; different...


... damn it, Jim.



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Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii Early Color Photography 1905-1918



We know that Prokudin-Gorskii intended his photographic images to be viewed in color because he developed an ingenious photographic technique in order for these images to be captured in black and white on glass plate negatives, using red, green and blue filters. He then presented these images in color in slide lectures using a light-projection system

involving the same three filters.



The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated: The Empire That Was Russia


In other words, this appears to be similar in concept to 3-strip Technicolor, in that it also used 3 different exposures of B&W film in the camera, each receiving its own color-filtered image.


Library Of Congress Image gallery (pictures taken with this camera):


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Gigs: They're not just for musicians anymore


Goodbye Jobs, Hello 'Gigs': How One Word Sums Up A New Economic Reality
A paradigm shift in our workforce
NPR article HERE
As a younger man back in the late 70s, several friends maintained 'irregular' employment. They did piecework, usually tied to a grant of some origin. They always seemed to remain employed for 3 months.. maybe 6 to 18 months at a time even though they never knew where or when their next 'job' was.
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I signed up for "Learn Korean in 90 Days Or Your Message Board Back",

and now somebody has deleted all the lessons.


Oh wait.. they're back again. 


THE PEN  -  그 펜               THE PEN  -  그 펜


THE TABLE  -  탁자            THE TABLE  -  탁자


THE CASINO  -  카지노      THE CASINO  -  카지노

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