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Kid Dabb

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Dang! That's the ol' Christmas spirit..


If at first you don't succeed..



It's getting to be like that here around Tampa, Florida. If you're on the road at night walking, cycling, or jogging between the magical hours of 10:00 PM and 3:00 AM, you become fair game for the ever increasing number of drivers who (for whatever reason) are out and about in their 4000 lb autos in an effort to dent one side of their car up so it matches the other side. Human bodies seem to be the best tool for this purpose, and if there are any babies in strollers they count them as bonus points.


Reminds me of an episode of the original CSI tv series. Some guy wakes up in the morning to find his car parked neatly in his garage, only there's a pedestrian's legs protruding outward through a bloody hole in the passenger side windshield - the upper half of his body is dangling face first over the passenger seat... still alive! Been there all night! The poor soul managed to place a 911 on his cell phone. That's where our heroes make an appearance.

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Hell!  There were PLENTY back about the time I was born.


One of our (Michigan) governors was CEO of the now  long defunct AMERICAN MOTORS.  His son recently ran for president.


But yeah there was a time in our country's history that there were more automobile manufacturers than CABLE CHANNELS today!




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Those headlamps are making a comeback. One current car maker (I forget which) has linked their headlamps to their steering (as Tucker did) so you would receive additional illumination in the direction of turning at night.


                Your Tatra 87 looks like a hybrid of this '72 Beetle and '54 Chevrolet Corvair..

                                                with a Tucker center headlamp.

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