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"Hurricane Island"


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I was amazed that the color print of "Hurricane Island" was so clear and crisp. Most B's from the 50's are not that well preserved. It made a fun adventure tale more enjoyable to watch.

Thank the folks at Sony, for doing an excellent job on preserving their classic film library.  Many of the Columbia western B-films that are airing on Encore Westerns Channel these days are in very good condition, too-- the black and white prints are as clear and sharp as the Technicolor print for HURRICANE ISLAND.  I don't know about you, but I would rather watch a two-star movie with a perfect print, than a three- or four-star movie with a terrible public domain print (and TCM airs some of those).

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I recorded Hurricane Island. While I haven't watched it yet, I was impressed by what I did manage to see of its clear print and overall strong colour visuals.


There is no question that even an apparently minor effort like this is much more enjoyable when its home company (Sony Columbia) has taken such good care of its print.


I also made a point of catching a glimpse of Marie Windsor in the film. I did so, I must admit, rather eagerly as I had recalled her as being stunningly beautiful in a couple of black and white films made in the same period (Force of Evil, Narrow Margin). Somehow, possibly through the application of makeup or the lighting, she didn't appear to have the same impact upon me in this colour production.


I may be a little hasty in my judgment, of course, since I have yet to sit down to watch the entire film. Still the impression that I have is that Windsor appeared to photograph better in black and white than in colour (at least, based on the few seconds I saw of her in Hurricane Island).

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Agree Windsor did look better in black and white. In Robin Cross' "Big Book of B Movies or How Low was my Budget,In discussing fifties floozies remarked Marie Windsor, the 60 cent special ,looked like Loretta Young with touches of Edmond O'Brien. He also added she was superb as an undercover cop masquerading as a gangster's hard-bitten widow in "The Narrow Margin,"

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