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Kid Dabb

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This is an old black & white British  film (I believe) - late 30s early 40s ? It doesn't have the feel of a film, more of an extended short.


There are three young adults, one woman and two men who, I believe, are each from a different branch of some military. They are in England or Scotland on what may seem to be a tour.. it's just the three of them. For some reason, they split up, going off in opposite directions looking for who knows what - like a treasure hunt,  only I don't know what the treasure might have been. We get to see their ventures. None of what each is doing seems to make sense as they just seem to be moving about interacting with those they come across. Kind of "artsy".


The last segment seems to revolve around some mystery in a local village.. I can't recall what that was. Something you would think serious. As it turns out, a local university professor is behind the mischief and is discovered (I think) by one of our young military persons (one of the two men). They walk off together and then the original three come together again in what  appears to be a tour setting.


It's all left up in the air. The professor is never shown being held accountable for his bad deeds and nothing is made of it as he and the one young military man walk off. Very lighthearted ending considering the mischief caused seemed to be very serious.


The end?

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The first thing that comes to mind is Michael Powell's A Canterbury Tale. An American soldier en route to Canterbury gets off at the wrong stop, and winds up in a village where a young woman gets accosted by a man who throws glue in her hair -- and she's not the first. The movie is ostensibly about the attempt to find out who's throwing the glue in the womsn's hair, but it really turns out to be a spiritual journey for all of the characters as they make their way to Canterbury.

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That's it, Fedya! I thank you! 


I kept thinking it was From the Four Corners (1941) with Leslie Howard (another good piece). Coincidentally, ..Four Corners was on earlier this evening and I was able to determine it was not the film in question - so I went a lookin'.


And you know, had I recalled Michael Powell's name, I could have found it in a minute. It has his thumbprint on it. Thanks again.


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