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january first



1946: The New York Film Critics have chosen Billy Wilder best director for THE LOST WEEKEND.


1948: Bing Crosby is the top moneymaker for the fourth year in a row.


1953: Hank Williams has died at age 29. The cause of death: heart failure brought on by alcoholism and pills.


1958: Sammy Davis has entered into an arranged marriage with dancer Loray White. The reason: Harry Cohn is afraid Sammy’s dating Kim Novak might harm Columbia Pictures.


Tomorrow: Steinbeck’s latest novel…

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january second



1942: Sinclair Lewis’ wife has been granted a divorce on the grounds of desertion.


1945: Cannery Row is published.


1950: Emil Jannings has died in Austria at age 63. He was the first actor to receive an Oscar.


1953: David Sarnoff has been named Chairman of the Board at NBC.


Tomorrow: Shirley Temple at MGM…

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january third



1941: Shirley Temple has signed with MGM to star in a new Andy Hardy film with Mickey Rooney.


1943: See Here, Private Hargrove tops the bestsellers.


1949: Cheaper by the Dozen is published.


1952: Tallulah Bankhead is named the best performer on radio.


Tomorrow: Fritz Lang’s new movie vs. the censorship board…


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january fourth



1941: Charlie Chaplin declines a New York Film Critics award as best actor, because the honor implies that actors compete with each other.


1942: Otis Skinner, considered the dean of the Broadway stage, has died in New York. He was 83.


1946: SCARLET STREET has been banned from movie theatres in New York.


1951: THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA premieres in New York.


1959: Bobby Fischer, age 15, wins a national chess tournament in New York.


Tomorrow: actress finds her prince charming…

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january fifth



1947: Film Daily magazine says THE LOST WEEKEND was the best film of the previous year.


1948: Ross Lockridge’s Raintree County is published.


1956: Grace Kelly has become engaged to Prince Rainier.


Tomorrow: actress answers questions about drug use…

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january sixth



1949: Director Victor Fleming has died in Arizona. He was 60.


1951: Tallulah Bankhead says she doesn’t spend any money on dope or sex.


1952: The Caine Mutiny is the number one bestseller.


1954: Audrey Hepburn and Burt Lancaster are named the top movie stars by the New York Film Critics.


1956: HELL ON FRISCO BAY, starring Alan Ladd and Edward G. Robinson, premieres in New York.


1958: Edward G. Robinson marries a dress designer in Virginia.


Tomorrow: screenwriter and director sue studios…

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january seventh



1940: WUTHERING HEIGHTS is chosen as the best picture by the New York Film Critics.


1948: Screenwriter Ring Lardner sues Fox for $1.4 million, and Edward Dmytryk sues RKO for $1.8 million for being fired after convictions on contempt of Congress charges.


1950: Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore are the most popular stars on radio.


1952: Actor Philip Loeb, accused of being a communist, is dropped from the NBC sitcom The Goldbergs.


1956: Joe Louis owes the I.R.S. over $1 million in back taxes.


Tomorrow: Elvis in the army…

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january eighth



1946: Film Daily says Alexander Knox and Ingrid Bergman are the best actors.


1951: Burgess Meredith has married a peep show dancer in New York.


1952: Stanley Kramer is waging a $1 million libel suit against an organization that said he was Red-slanted.


1957: Elvis Presley passes his Army pre-induction exam in Memphis.


Tomorrow: writer’s tragic suicide…

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january ninth



1956: The first Dear Abby column is published.


1956: Theodore Cox, 49, is dead of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. He won an Oscar for writing THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.


1959: Rawhide debuts on CBS-TV.


Tomorrow: wedding bells for Ava Gardner…

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january tenth



1942: Mickey Rooney and Ava Gardner tie the knot in Hollywood.


1945: Top songs – Don’t Fence Me In; and I’m Making Believe.


1947: Finian’s Rainbow opens on Broadway.


1950: Houghton Mifflin publishes The Vintage by Anthony West.


1951: Novelist Sinclair Lewis dies at age 65 near Rome.


1959: Silent film star Clara Mohr, 55, is found stabbed to death in Carmel.


Tomorrow: the best picture of our lives…

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january eleventh



1948: THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES is chosen the top film of the previous year by Film Daily magazine.


1955: Jack Webb marries Dorothy Towne in Chicago.


1958: Sea Hunt, starring Lloyd Bridges, debuts on CBS-TV.


Tomorrow: Alfred Hitchcock’s latest picture…

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january thirteenth



1941: Irish novelist James Joyce has died at age 58 in Zurich.


1943: Top songs – There Are Such Things; and Moonlight Becomes You


1958: Jayne Mansfield marries Mickey Hargitay, former Mr. Universe, in Redondo, California.


Tomorrow: the last days of a film legend…

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january fourteenth



1954: Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio have been married in San Francisco.


1957: Humphrey Bogart is dead at age 57 from cancer of the esophagus. He starred in 75 motion pictures.


1960: Elvis has been promoted. He is now a sergeant in the army.


Tomorrow: Broadway hit heads for Hollywood…

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january fifteenth



1949: Harvey closes after 1775 performances on Broadway. It will soon be made into a motion picture by Universal.


1952: Hildegarde Neff has divorced producer Kurt Hirsch in Los Angeles.


1967: The first Superbowl is played, and Green Bay beats Kansas City.


Tomorrow: Betty Hutton is unlucky in love…

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january sixteenth



1945: FDR is all for baseball, provided it doesn’t interfere with the war effort or use healthy young men.


1947: Charlie Chaplin's friend, tennis star William Tilden, gets nine months in prison for having sex with a fourteen year-old boy.


1951: Betty Hutton has divorced a camera manufacturer in Santa Monica.


1954: June Lockhart marries a doctor in New York.


1958: Two for the Seesaw opens with Henry Fonda and Anne Bancroft. It receives favorable reviews.


Tomorrow: the return of Fu Manchu…

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january seventeenth



1941: Delores Del Rio has divorced MGM production designer Cedric Gibbons after eleven years of marriage.


1949: The Goldbergs debuts on CBS-TV. It has been a popular situation comedy on radio since 1929.


1955: Republic Pictures buys the Fu Manchu stories for $4 million.


Tomorrow: the last days of a Stooge…

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january eighteenth



1946: Top radio shows – Fibber McGee & Molly; and Charlie McCarthy


1952: Stooge Jerome Howard, known as ‘Curly,’ has died at age 48 in Los Angeles.


1954: Fatman villain Sydney Greenstreet has died of diabetes in Hollywood. He was 74.


Tomorrow: a boy for Lucy…



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january nineteenth



1943: My Sister Eileen closes on Broadway after 866 performances.


1946: Top songs – I Can’t Begin to Tell You; and Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow!


1949: COMMAND DECISION premieres in New York.


1953: Lucille Ball gives birth to a son in Hollywood.


1955: YOUNG AT HEART premieres in New York.


Tomorrow: a most historic inauguration…

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january twentieth



1945: FDR has been sworn in for a fourth term.


1949: J. Edgar Hoover has given Shirley Temple a special tear gas fountain pen.


1950: Dance Me a Song opens on Broadway, featuring Bob Fosse and Wally Cox.


1954: The National Negro Network has been established with 40 radio stations.


1981: Ronald Reagan is inaugurated as President of the United States.


Tomorrow: legendary director’s last days…

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january twenty-first



1940: According to a Gallup Poll, 34% of Americans favor a return to Prohibition.


1950: British satirist George Orwell has died at age 46 in London. He had tuberculosis.


1959: Cecil B. DeMille, who turned out 70 motion pictures, has died in Hollywood. He was 77 years old.


1959: Carl ‘Alfalfa’ Switzer, age 32, has been shot to death in Sun Valley, California. The scuffle occurred because of an argument over a debt.


Tomorrow: Arthur Miller’s latest play…




For more:


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january twenty-second




1940: Pierre Caille has translated Gone with the Wind into the French language. For his efforts, he’s been awarded a special prize.


1942: X rays show that Gainsborough’s painting The Blue Boy has an unknown man’s head painted under the surface. This had gone undetected for 200 years.


1953: Arthur Miller’s The Crucible opens on Broadway and receives favorable reviews.


Tomorrow: a baby for Princess Grace…

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january twenty-third



1943: Author and literary critic Alexander Woollcott has died in New York at 56. He had a heart attack during his radio show.


1948: TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE premieres in New York.


1952: CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY premieres in New York.


1956: British producer Alexander Korda has died in London. He was 62.


1957: Princess Caroline is born on this day in Monaco.


Tomorrow: a special award for Groucho…

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