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january twenty-fourth



1946: Walter Wanger has revised and deleted scenes in SCARLET STREET so it can be shown in New York.


1951: At the Emmys, Groucho Marx is given a special award as best television personality. Best actress recipient is Gertrude Berg, and best actor is Alan Young.


1954: THE CAINE MUTINY premieres in New York.


1954: Ernest Hemingway and his wife have survived a plane crash in Uganda.


1958: A FAREWELL TO ARMS premieres in New York.


Tomorrow: Billy Wilder’s latest picture…

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january twenty-fifth



1947: Al Capone has died at home in Palm Island, Florida. He was 48.


1949: The first ever Emmy awards take place in Hollywood.


1954: Billy Wilder has bought the rights to Charles Lindbergh’s autobiography, The Spirit of St. Louis, for $1 million.


1961: President Kennedy holds the first presidential news conference on both radio and TV.


Tomorrow: a royal divorce for Rita Hayworth…

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january twenty-sixth



1944: Top songs—Shoo Shoo Baby; and Oh What a Beautiful Morning.


1946: L.B. Mayer’s horse ‘Honeymoon’ wins the Santa Maria stakes in California.


1953: Rita Hayworth has divorced Prince Aly Khan in Reno.


Tomorrow: Anne Baxter is unlucky in love…

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january twenty-seventh



1941: About 10,000 items are on display in New York from William Randolph Hearst’s art collection.


1944: The Lost Weekend is published.


1950: TWELVE O’CLOCK HIGH premieres in New York.


1953: Anne Baxter is now divorced from John Hodiak in Hollywood.


1959: Musical comedy star of the 1920s and 30s Frances Williams has died in New York. She was 57 and known for first introducing the Charleston.


Tomorrow: a special honor for Milton Berle…

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january twenty-eighth



1944: Leonard Bernstein’s symphony number one, called ‘Jeremiah,’ premieres in Pittsburgh. It will win the Music Critics Circle Award later in the year.


1950: Milton Berle has been given an Emmy as best television personality. Ed Wynn is also singled out for best live performance.


1973: Buddy Ebsen is back on screen—Barnaby Jones debuts on CBS-TV.


1978: Fantasy Island, starring Ricardo Montalban, debuts on ABC-TV.


Tomorrow: wedding bells for the Newmans…

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january twenty-ninth



1947: Arthur Miller’s All My Sons opens on Broadway to favorable reviews.


1948: Johnny Weissmuller divorces his wife in Reno and takes a new bride on the same day.


1951: Eighteen year old Liz Taylor divorces 24 year old Conrad Hilton Jr. in Hollywood.


1952: Xavier Cugat is divorced by his wife in Santa Monica.


1953: ROAD TO BALI premieres in New York.


1958: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward marry in Las Vegas.


Tomorrow: a president’s birthday…

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january thirty-first



1941: Richard Wright is lauded for his book Native Son, about the plight of black Americans.


1946: DIARY OF A CHAMBERMAID, starring Paulette Goddard, premieres in New York.


1956: A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh, has died in England at age 74.


Tomorrow: the early days of Cinemascope…

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february first



1945: James Thurber’s The Thurber Carnival is published.


1947: Bob Hope and Jack Benny have the top radio programs.


1953: 20th Century Fox says it is switching to Cinemascope. THE ROBE will cost $4.2 million.


1955: BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK premieres in New York.


Tomorrow: another marriage for Rita Hayworth…

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february second



1948: Cry the Beloved Country is published by Scribners.


1950: Ingrid Bergman has a son by Roberto Rossellini in Rome.


1950: THE THIRD MAN premieres in New York.


1956: Bob Burns, Arkansas comedian in radio and films, has died at age 65 in Encino.


1958: Rita Hayworth has married producer James Hill in Beverly Hills.


Tomorrow: a new book from Michener…

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february third



1942: A.J. Cronin’s Keys of the Kingdom tops the bestsellers list. It will be made into a 20th Century Fox motion picture.


1947: James Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific is published.


1949: According to an editors and publishers survey, over 52 million newspapers are sold daily in the U.S.; with an additional 46 million sold on Sundays.


1959: Vincent Astor, chairman of Newsweek since 1937, is dead at 67 in New York.


Tomorrow: Tennessee Williams’ latest play…

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february fourth



1946: Born Yesterday opens on Broadway with Judy Holliday and Paul Douglas, receiving favorable reviews.


1951: The Rose Tattoo opens with Eli Wallach and Maureen Stapleton in the lead roles.


1953: Ben Ames Williams, author of 1200 short stories and novels, dies at 63.


Tomorrow: Oscar actor’s last days…

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february fifth



1946: George Arliss has died at age 77 in London. He received the Oscar for DISRAELI.


1953: Emmy awards—I Love Lucy is the best sitcom; and Your Show of Shows is the best variety program.


1959: Our Gang child star Don ‘Fats’ Law dies at age 38 in Pennsylvania.


Tomorrow: a divorce for Rex Harrison…

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february seventh



1944: A Bell for Adano is published. It will be made into a 20th Century Fox motion picture.


1952: Philip Epstein dies at age 42 in Los Angeles. He wrote CASABLANCA.


1953: Ginger Rogers marries Jacques Bergerac in Palm Springs.


1954: Poet Maxwell Bodenheim and his wife have been murdered in New York’s bowery district.


1957: Susan Hayward marries an attorney in Phoenix.


Tomorrow: Edward R. Murrow news…

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february eighth



1947: Lydia Bailey tops the bestsellers and will be made into a motion picture by 20th Century Fox.


1952: Dennis Day’s show debuts on NBC.


1954: Edward Murrow’s CBS newscast is named the best radio program.


1960: Official groundbreaking takes place on this day for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


1974: Good Times debuts on CBS.


Tomorrow: jail time for Mitchum…

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february ninth



1941: Ernest Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls is named the outstanding book of the previous year. Paramount will turn the story into a motion picture.


1949: Robert Mitchum has received a 60-day prison sentence in Los Angeles. He had previously been arrested for possession of marijuana.


1950: Ingrid Bergman, who has already had a child with Roberto Rossellini, obtains a divorce from Dr. Peter Lindstrom in Juarez, Mexico.


1950: Gloria De Haven and John Payne are divorced in Hollywood.


1951: Greta Garbo becomes a U.S. citizen in Los Angeles.


1951: Terry Moore marries a West Point football star in Glendale.


Tomorrow: Chaplin is indicted…


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february tenth



1941: Paramount buys the Broadway play Lady in the Dark for $283,000 so Ginger Rogers can star in the movie version.


1944: Charlie Chaplin, two friends and four Beverly Hills officials are indicted for allegedly breaking the law in the Joan Berry paternity suit.


1945: One Touch of Venus closes on Broadway.


1948: Russian director Sergei Eisenstein has died in Moscow at age 49.


1949: Death of a Salesman, directed by Elia Kazan, opens on Broadway to favorable reviews.


1950: John Huston  and Evelyn Keyes are divorced in Juarez, Mexico.


1953: MOULIN ROUGE, starring Jose Ferrer, premieres in New York.


1954: THE GLENN MILLER STORY premieres in New York.


Tomorrow: Disney’s latest film…

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february eleventh



1943: Top songs—I Had the Craziest Dream; and Why Don’t You Fall in Love with Me?


1948: THE JOLSON STORY is number one at the box office.


1953: Disney’s PETER PAN premieres in New York.


1955: Flying Saucer from Mars is published by Cedric Alingham, about an alleged encounter.


Tomorrow: a well-known playwright makes a statement to the press…

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february twelfth



1946: Ronald Reagan and Alexis Smith will replace Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in Warners’ STALLION ROAD.


1949: Annie Get Your Gun closes on Broadway after 1147 performances. MGM plans to make the movie version.


1953: Christine Jorgensen arrives in New York to show a movie made after undergoing a sex change operation in Copenhagen.


1956: Arthur Miller says U.S. and Soviet interference in art is an act against mankind itself.


Tomorrow: Charles Boyer takes an oath…

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february thirteenth



1940: The American Booksellers Association says The Grapes of Wrath and Johnny Got His Gun are the best books of the previous year.


1942: Charles Boyer is now a U.S. citizen.


1961: Frank Sinatra begins recording for Warner Brothers Records under the Reprise label.


1972: Grease opens on Broadway.


Tomorrow: the most popular movie stars of 1953…

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february fourteenth



1948: Barbara Sears and Winthrop Rockefeller have married in Palm Beach.


1953: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association says fans in 50 countries voted John Wayne and Susan Hayward as the world’s most popular movie stars.


1962: Jacqueline Kennedy gives a tour of the White House on television. It is estimated that three out of every four Americans watched it.


Tomorrow: wedding bells for Peter Ustinov…

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february sixteenth



1941: Printing unions are complaining about a loss of jobs, because advertisers are moving to radio.


1950: Amos ‘n Andy and My Friend Irma are the top radio programs.


1950: Picasso’s play ‘Desire Caught by the Tail’ opens in London. Critics say it’s impossible to act and pointless.


1956: The film version of CAROUSEL premieres in New York.


Tomorrow: Jose Ferrer’s latest film…

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february seventeenth



1947: Viking publishes The Wayward Bus by John Steinbeck.


1948: The film version of Steinbeck’s The Pearl premieres in New York.


1953: Film critics are lauding Jose Ferrer for his work in MOULIN ROUGE.


1958: New York Giants halfback Frank Gifford signs a seven-year acting contract with Warner Brothers.


Tomorrow: an award for Red Skelton…

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