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july second


1937: Amelia Earhart has disappeared over the Pacific. Hilary Swank would play the missing aviatrix in a 2009 motion picture.


1941: Not going to be his punching bag anymore. Joe Louis’ wife sues for divorce—says he struck her two times.


1943: Gene Krupa has been sentenced to one to six years in San Quentin. He had a minor carry marijuana cigarettes for him. Krupa will serve three months, though he is later exonerated of the charges. A 1959 motion picture, THE GENE KRUPA STORY, stars Sal Mineo.


1954: Keenan Wynn’s second wife divorces him in Hollywood.


1955: The Lawrence Welk Show premieres on ABC. By the time the program went off the air in 1982, more than 1,000 episodes had been produced.


1959: A Rome court revokes Ingrid Bergman’s annulment to Roberto Rosselini.


1961: Ernest Hemingway has died in Idaho. The writer committed suicide with a shotgun.


1973: George Macready has died in Los Angeles. He was 73. The actor, who suffered from emphysema, has donated his body to a medical school.


1983: Rod Stewart has the number one song, Baby Jane. No word on whether he dedicated it to Bette Davis.


1987: Director Michael Bennett, known for A Chorus Line, dies at 44 from complications of AIDS.


1991: Lee Remick has died of cancer at age 55.


Tomorrow: Bette Davis cites incompatibility…untimely death for Elvis’ young costar…

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I remember Lee Remick's  passing very well. Michael Landon had died just the day before (a sad story as well) and Landon's death dominated the news. Lee's death got quick notice and that was all.  For me, and I'm sure many others,  it was a very sad time  :(

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I remember Lee Remick's  passing very well. Michael Landon had died just the day before (a sad story as well) and Landon's death dominated the news. Lee's death got quick notice and that was all.  For me, and I'm sure many others,  it was a very sad time  :(

Yes, both were cancer deaths, and both were around the same age.

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Also on this day:


1997 - The entertainment world loses two big screen legends: James Stewart (age 89, pulmonary disease) and Robert Mitchum (age 79, lung cancer/emphysema).

Thanks Rick for adding those!

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It looks like July 1 and 2 are not very good days for us movie fans. Not to put a bad vibe on this whole  thread but there is a site www.deadoraliveinfo.com  that will tell us each day who passed away. Maybe we should just skip the deaths and concentrate on birthdays only.  

Well, I think it's all part of Hollywood/entertainment news. 

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TB, I just mean that I don't want to see your thread (one with good intentions , certainly) turn into a death notice one. For example, on July 1 you "missed"  the passing of  Robert Mitchum, Karl Malden, Walter Matthau, Marlon Brando, and Silvia Sidney.  Most everyday one can list the deaths of at least four  or five people from the entertainment  business.  I wouldn't want to decide who is noteworthy and who isn't.

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TB, I just mean that I don't want to see your thread (one with good intentions , certainly) turn into a death notice one. For example, on July 1 you "missed"  the passing of  Robert Mitchum, Karl Malden, Walter Matthau, Marlon Brando, and Silvia Sidney.  Most everyday one can list the deaths of at least four  or five people from the entertainment  business.  I wouldn't want to decide who is noteworthy and who isn't.

Yes-- and I agree with what you are saying. As with most things, this is a work in progress.

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july third


1940: Bud Abbott and Lou Costello’s radio show debuts on NBC.


1941: Sam Harris has died at age 69. The well-known Broadway producer was responsible for such hits as Dinner at Eight, The Man Who Came to Dinner and Lady in the Dark. He will be played by Richard Whorf in the award winning biopic YANKEE DOODLE DANDY.


1950: News about Bette Davis. The actress has just been divorced from William Grant Sherry on grounds of incompatibility in Juarez Mexico. 


1957: Tragedy has befallen Elvis Presley’s beautiful costar, Judy Tyler. The young actress, who appears in JAILHOUSE ROCK, has died in an auto wreck in Wyoming. Her TV actor husband, in the car with her, has also been killed.


1958: The Andy Williams Show premieres on ABC.


1971: Rocker Jim Morrison has died of heart failure in France at age 27. The lead singer for the Doors will be portrayed by Val Kilmer in a 1991 film by director Oliver Stone.


1986: Rudy Vallee has died at 83 in North Hollywood. The singer-actor, who spent his later years touring in a one-man show and opening for The Village People, had been suffering from cancer.


Tomorrow: Cat is Hot…

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july fourth


1942: This Is the Army, which includes tributes to all branches of the military, opens on Broadway. It will run for 113 performances before it is filmed as a Warner Brothers musical.


1955: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is named the best play on Broadway. Paul Muni and Kim Stanley are named best actors.


1956: Moviegoers have a whale of a good time. MOBY DICK premieres in New York.


1962: Island Records begins.


1963: Actor Grant Richards who played Philo Vance at Paramount and later appeared in THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE, has died in a car crash. He was 51.


1970: The syndicated radio program, American Top 40, debuts with host Casey Kasem.


1987: It’s a hit. The Pet Shop Boys have the number one pop song, It’s a Sin.


Tomorrow: Hollywood beauty dead at 29…

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july fifth


1943: Betty Grable has married Harry James in Vegas. It is the bride’s second marriage, and it will last for 22 years before ending in divorce.


1947: Larry Doby, the first African American ballplayer in the American League, signs with the Cleveland Indians.


1948: Carole Landis has died at age 29. The popular actress has committed suicide after an ill-fated affair with Rex Harrison.


1951: The March of Time newsreels are ending after 16 years. It was decided that daily TV news shows made the format obsolete. Almost 200 segments have been produced, with the average cost for each one around $50,000.


1954: Elvis records the song ‘That’s Alright (Mama),’ which means that rock and roll was born on this day.


1956: Billie Holiday’s autobiography ‘Lady Sings the Blues’ has been published. Diana Ross will portray Holiday in a 1972 feature film based on the book.


1968: John Lennon has decided to sell his psychedelic colored Rolls Royce.


1973: LIVE AND LET DIE premieres.


1982: NBC News Overnight debuts.


1986: First Lady Nancy Reagan has helped reopen the Statue of Liberty.


Tomorrow: Big top up in flames...jazz musician passes...


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july sixth


1941: The Yankees dedicate a monument to Lou Gehrig.


1944: A huge fire engulfs the Ringling Brothers Circus tent in Hartford, Connecticut. It is estimated that about 170 people have been killed. Another 700 have been injured.


1952: The Caine Mutiny tops the list of bestsellers. Columbia Pictures will produce a feature film version of Herman Wouk’s classic story in 1954.


1962: Author William Faulkner has died at 64 in Mississippi. Films based on Faulkner’s novels include THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE; INTRUDER IN THE DUST; and THE SOUND AND THE FURY.


1971: Jazz musician Louis Armstong, who appeared in many motion pictures, has died at age 69 in New York.


1980: Gail Patrick has died of leukemia in Los Angeles. She was also 69. The actress, known for supporting roles in MY MAN GODFREY; STAGE DOOR; and MY FAVORITE WIFE; went on to become the executive producer of TV’s Perry Mason, overseeing all 271 episodes.


1990: JETSONS: THE MOVIE premieres. The film, based on the popular animated television series, features the voices of Mel Blanc, Penny Singleton and teen star Tiffany. People are jetting off to the multiplex to see it.


Tomorrow: The Ringling Brothers fire is investigated…a letter to Yuri Andropov…

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july seventh


1943: Actress Hannah Williams has been granted a divorce from Jack Dempsey.


1944: Five officials of the Ringling Brothers Circus have been arrested after yesterday’s devastating fire that killed many women and children, and injured countless others. The execs have been charged with manslaughter after investigations revealed that they were negligent in providing fire protection—and the fact that the tent had been coated with a waterproofing substance made with gasoline.


1946: Howard Hughes nearly died today when his spy plane crashed in Beverly Hills.


1948: The Cleveland Indians have signed Satchel Paige, who has been pitching since 1925. Paige is 42 and began his professional ball playing days at 19.


1949: Dragnet premieres on NBC radio. Two years later it will be adapted for television.


1955: Evelyn Waugh’s Officers and Gentlemen has been published.


1958: President Eisenhower has signed the Alaska statehood bill. 20th Century Fox will soon make a film called ALASKA PASSAGE.


1967: Vivien Leigh has died in London. She was 53 and had been suffering from chronic tuberculosis. Her last film was SHIP OF FOOLS in 1965.


1983: Samantha Smith has become an overnight sensation in the media.  The eleven year-old girl from Maine has been invited to the Soviet Union after writing a letter to Yuri Andropov. She soon appears in a television movie as herself, and is cast in a crime drama playing Robert Wagner’s daughter. Unfortunately, her life comes to a quick end at age 13 in 1985. After her death, the Soviets will issue a stamp in her honor and name a diamond, a rose and a mountain after her.


Tomorrow: A wedding for Cary Grant…a girl with million dollar legs…


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july eighth


1942: Cary Grant has married heiress Barbara Hutton at Lake Arrowhead. The marriage will last just three years. CG is Hutton’s number three out of seven—most of her husbands are counts, princes and barons.


1951: Future Oscar winner Anjelica Huston is born in Santa Monica.


1953: The girl with the million dollar legs, Frankie Bailey, has died in Los Angeles. She was 94.


1957: Kay Crawford divorces Broderick Crawford in Santa Monica.


1961: Country singer Toby Keith is born on this day in Clinton, Oklahoma.


1972: Donny Osmond scores a number one hit with ‘Puppy Love.’


1982: Porn star John Holmes has been convicted.  He had been charged with receiving stolen property.


1988: I just called to say: will you vote for me? Singer Stevie Wonder wants to run for mayor of Detroit.


Tomorrow: Budget cuts at MGM…heartache for Ginger…break in at Buckingham Palace…


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july ninth


1947: Princess Elizabeth is engaged to Philip Mountbatten. They are third cousins and began corresponding eight years earlier. They first met in 1934 when she was eight, and he was thirteen.


1951: The NAACP is accusing the new TV show Amos and Andy of showing blacks as amoral, lazy, stupid, dishonest and scheming.


1952: MGM execs are taking a salary cut of 25% or more, due to lower box office.


1953: BAND WAGON premieres in New York.


1953: Also on this day THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-RI is published. It will be made into a Paramount motion picture starring William Holden in 1954.


1955: ‘Rock Around the Clock’ is the number one song, by Bill Haley and the Comets.


1956: A year later, Dick Clark makes his first appearance as the host of American Bandstand.


1957: Ginger Rogers has been divorced from Jacques Bergerac in Santa Monica.


1959: Deborah Kerr is also divorced in Santa Monica—from producer Anthony Bartley.


1964: Singer-actress Courtney Love is born on this day in San Francisco.


1976: Wonder Years kid Fred Savage is born in Chicago.


1980: THE FOX AND THE HOUND is released.


1982: There’s a man in Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom, and it is not Prince Philip. His name is Michael Fagan. The 33 year old has scaled the palace’s 14 foot wall and climbed up a drainpipe before wandering into the queen’s bedroom. A housemaid discovers the intruder. But Fagan soon disappears, causing the others to believe the housemaid was hallucinating.


1990: Actor Howard Duff has died of a heart attack in Santa Barbara. He was 76.


Tomorrow: More developments involving the queen and Michael Fagan…


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july tenth

1946: An Oscar Wilde biography, written by Hessketh Pearson, is published on this day.


1946: Canada’s first drive-in movie theatre opens in Hamilton, Ontario.


1949: John Marquand’s Point of No Return tops the bestseller list.


1950: Your Hit Parade premieres on NBC-TV.


1965: The Rolling Stones top the pop music charts with their hit I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.


1982: More news about the man who broke into the queen’s bedroom yesterday. It seems that Michael Fagan tripped several alarms at Buckingham Palace but was not immediately apprehended. He had time to wander around and view family portraits as well as sit on the throne. He eventually made his way back to the queen’s bedroom and pulled the curtain open. Queen Elizabeth woke up and left the room as quickly as she could. She went to phone the police while a servant distracted Fagan with a cigarette. Later, Fagan’s mother said he just simply wanted to say hello to Elizabeth and discuss his problems.


1985: Drink up. Old formula Coke has returned to supermarket shelves.


1989: Sad news, Doc. Mel Blanc, voice of Bugs Bunny, has died at age 81 in Los Angeles. The man of a thousand voices suffered from heart disease.


Tomorrow: Decorated war hero arrives in Hollywood…

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july eleventh


1943: These books top the bestseller list: The Robe, The Valley of Decision, and The Human Comedy. All are made into successful motion pictures.


1946: James Cagney signs Audie Murphy to a motion picture contract with Cagney Productions.


1949: Death of a Salesman has been named the best play on Broadway; and South Pacific is heralded as the best musical.


1951: Reuters is 100 in London.


1954: Edward Murrow has been given a special Freedom Award.


1955: Clark Gable marries former model Kay Williams in New Jersey.


1956: Actress Sela Ward, known for playing the wife of Dr. Richard Kimble in the film version of THE FUGITIVE, is born on this day in Mississippi.


1957: Paul Robeson, who has been denied a U.S. passport for eight years, has decided to embark upon a singing tour in the Soviet Union.


1960: Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird has been published. It will soon be turned into a motion picture by Universal.


1965: Character actor Ray Collins has died at 64 in Santa Monica. His last screen appearance was on an episode of TV’s Perry Mason where he had a long-running role.


1989: Laurence Olivier has died at age 82 of renal failure. His last screen appearance was in Derek Jarman’s WAR REQUIEM, where he played an old soldier.


Tomorrow: Unusual verdict in a case related to the Hollywood blacklist…

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july twelfth


1943: Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo has been published by Random House. It will become a hit MGM motion picture.


1944: Betty Compton is dead at 37 in New York. She had three children, the youngest just six months old.


1947: Life with Father has closed after 3213 performances on Broadway. The feature film will be just as successful with audiences.


1948: Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter is in bookstores.


1951: An angry mob tries to prevent a black family from moving into an all-white neighborhood north of Chicago. A similar topic is covered in the play and film versions of A RAISIN IN THE SUN.


1952: I Am a Camera closes on Broadway after 214 performances. Julie Harris will star in the film adaptation, reprising her stage role as Sally Bowles.


1954: Los Angeles Superior Court has ruled that Hollywood studios were within rights to deny work to 23 writers and actors who refused to testify before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.


1970: Janis Joplin makes her music debut in Kentucky.


1980: Olivia Newton-John has the number one song with Xanadu.


1982: Actor Kenneth More has died of Parkinson’s disease. He was 67.


Tomorrow: Wedding bells for Rosemary Clooney…


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On a somewhat related note the late 'countrypolitan'/white soul singer CHARLIE RICH (aka:  "The Silver Fox") recorded a story song I've listened to a number of times with the simple title of  "July 12, 1939".  The song was on one of his 'Greatest Hits' albums.   

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june eleventh


1937: The Marx Brothers comedy A DAY AT THE RACES premieres. Like their previous feature at MGM, this one is bound to be a big hit with audiences.


1940: Italians have attacked Malta. Dramatic reenactments and combat footage of British forces protecting the island can be seen in 1952’s MALTA STORY.


1947: Sugar rationing is now over in the U.S., two years after World War II.  MGM previously spoofed the situation in the comedy RATIONING, with Wallace Beery and Marjorie Main.


1951: Hedy Lamarr has announced her plans to marry a nightclub owner in West Los Angeles. It will be the fourth marriage for the Austrian-born actress.  She is the mother of two children.


1956: Arthur Miller is divorced from his wife after sixteen years of marriage. The couple has two children.  Miller plans to marry Marilyn Monroe in a few weeks.


1959: The Postmaster General has banned ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ from being sent in the mail. The book, now with its complete text restored, was originally published back in 1928 with certain abridgements. Other censorship problems occurred when the book was made into a motion picture in 1955 and not allowed exhibition in New York.


1963: Dr. Martin Luther King has been arrested in Florida for trying to integrate restaurants. Also, blacks cannot register at the University of Alabama.  President Kennedy says that racial segregation needs to end.  Less than a year later in Santa Monica, California, the Academy of Motion Arts & Sciences will award Sidney Poitier a Best Actor Oscar for his work in LILIES OF THE FIELD.


1982: E.T. premieres.


1993: JURASSIC PARK premieres.  Apparently, June 11 is a lucky day for director Steven Spielberg whose greatest hit films seem to have been released on this day.


2001: Timothy McVeigh has been executed in Terre Haute, Indiana at age 33. It is learned that the Oklahoma bomber’s favorite movie was RED DAWN.


2002: American Idol debuts on the Fox television network.


2004: Ronald Reagan’s funeral is taking place today at Washington National Cathedral. The actor-politician passed away on June 5 from pneumonia and Alzheimer’s Disease. He was 93.


Tomorrow: A popular athlete turned movie star is embroiled in a double homicide.


You missed a really big one for this date...


John Wayne past away on this date in 1979. Surprising you missed this one considering you are on top of so much information.

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I almost forgot:  It was 35 years ago today (July 12, 1979) that NY mob boss CARMINE GALANTE was gunned down with 2 others in a "hit" while finishing lunch at Joe and Mary's Italian restaurant in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn at approx. 2:45 PM.  Galante was 69.  Still plenty o'photos of the crime scene all over the Internet.  It all happened so quickly the cigar was still in Galante's mouth.

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You missed a really big one for this date...


John Wayne past away on this date in 1979. Surprising you missed this one considering you are on top of so much information.

Here's another missed fact. "True Grit" premiered on June 11, 1969 and John Wayne passed away on June 11, 1979, ten years to the day..

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Here's another missed fact. "True Grit" premiered on June 11, 1969 and John Wayne passed away on June 11, 1979, ten years to the day..


I was not aware of that fact Fred. Excellent!!!

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july thirteenth


1942: Actor Harrison Ford is born on this day in Chicago.


1946: Georgia O’Keefe’s husband has died in New York.


1947: Gentleman’s Agreement is number one on the bestsellers list.


1949: THE GREAT GATSY starring Alan Ladd premieres in New York.


1951: Arnold Schoenberg, Austrian-born composer, dies at age 76 in California.


1953: Wedding bells for Rosemary Clooney today as she marries Jose Ferrer in Oklahoma.


1973: Lon Chaney Jr. has died in San Clemente due to liver failure. The actor’s last role was in 1971’s DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN.


Tomorrow: More developments about the Ringling Brothers fire…

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