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august thirteenth


1942: The Chicago Tribune newspaper has been accused of aiding the enemy.


1946: H.G. Wells has died at age 79 in London. He authored 76 books.


1953: The film version of H.G. Wells' WAR OF THE WORLDS premieres in New York.


1959: Danny Bonaduce of The Partridge Family is born on this day in Philadelphia.


Tomorrow: Popular comedienne overdoses…

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august fourteenth


1944: The Literary Guild award has been presented to Elizabeth Goudge for her novel Green Dolphin Street, which MGM has announced it will make into a motion picture.


1951: DAVID AND BATHSHEBA premieres in New York.


1951: William Randolph Hearst has died at age 88 in Beverly Hills from a cerebral hemorrhage. He was known as a publisher since 1896.


1955: Lemuel Ayers, the producer of Oklahoma! on stage, has died at age 40 in New York.


1956: Playwright Bertolt Brecht is dead at 58 after suffering a heart attack in East Berlin.


1956: Comedienne Martha Raye has overdosed on sleeping pills and is hospitalized in Miami Beach.


Tomorrow: Danny Kaye’s latest film…


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august fifteenth




1945: The most popular song is On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe, which MGM will include a year later in the hit film THE HARVEY GIRLS.


1947: The film adaptation of Broadway’s great success LIFE WITH FATHER premieres.


1947: Danny Kaye's latest film also premieres—THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY.


1951: Pianist/composer Artur Schnabel has died at 69 in Switzerland.


Tomorrow: the sad last days of Babe Ruth…

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august sixteenth


1944: Swinging on a Star is one of the most popular songs.


1948: Babe Ruth, who set 76 hitting records in baseball, has died of throat cancer at 53 in New York.


1949: Margaret Mitchell, the world-famous writer of Gone with the Wind, has died in Atlanta after an auto accident. She was 49.


1950: NO WAY OUT premieres in New York.


1951: Jasper McCoy is dead at 84 in Zebulon, Kentucky. He was the last one of the McCoy clan to participate in his family’s celebrated feud with the Hatfields.


1958: New Yorker drama critic Wolcott Gibbs has died at 56 in New York.


Tomorrow: Best shows on Broadway…


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august seventeenth


1943: Robert DeNiro is born on this day in New York City.


1947: All My Sons has been named the best play on Broadway, and Finian’s Rainbow is the best musical. Both will be adapted as motion pictures.


1955: ULYSSES, with Kirk Douglas, premieres in New York.


1960: Sean Penn is born on this day in Santa Monica. He costarred with fellow birthday boy Robert DeNiro in the remake of WE’RE NO ANGELS.


Tomorrow: Shocking claims about Bela Lugosi…


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august eighteenth


1943: Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is published.


1944: Bela Lugosi’s wife is suing him for divorce. She claims he is cruel and inhuman.


1952: Alan Moorehead’s The Traitors is published. It is based on a true story about three American scientists who gave atomic secrets to the Russians.


1952: Patrick Swayze is born on this day in Houston.


1958: Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita is published in the U.S. It becomes an immediate source of controversy.


1969: Edward Norton is born in Boston.


Tomorrow: Kirk Douglas’ latest film…Joe Louis’ marital woes…


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august nineteenth


1941: After previously citing spousal abuse, Joe Louis’ wife has dropped her divorce suit. The couple is now reconciled. They will have a daughter, then divorce in 1945, remarry in 1946 and have a son, then divorce again in 1949. Got all that?


1946: Future governor of Arkansas and President of the United States William Jefferson Blythe (Bill Clinton) is born on this day in Hope, Arkansas.


1952: THE BIG SKY, produced by Howard Hughes and starring Kirk Douglas, premieres in New York.


1953: The Dionne quintuplets, 19, have separated to lead individual lives.


1969: Friends star Matthew Perry is born on this day in Williamstown, Massachusetts.


Tomorrow: End of the road for the Beatles…

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august twentienth


1946: Newswoman Connie Chung is born on this day in Washington D.C.


1953: Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s 842-page book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female is published. Some people are still trying to finish reading it.


1953: The Russians have acknowledged detonating their own hydrogen bomb.


1969: The Beatles have finished the album Abbey Road, which will be their last one together.


1986: A postal employee in Oklahoma has gunned down 14 coworkers then committed suicide. The mail will be late today.


Tomorrow: Race relations in America…


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august twenty-first


1948: Reporter Ray Sprigle, disguised for a month as a Negro in the south, says blacks want little contact with the white world.


1953: Brother to Dragons is published by Robert Penn Warren—about the murder of a black man by two nephews of Thomas Jefferson.


1956: Kim Cattrall is born on this day in Liverpool, England.


1959: Hawaii becomes the 50th state in the union, nine years before Jack Lord takes up permanent residence there.


1971: Diana Ross has the number one song—I’m Still Waiting.


Tomorrow: The bus stops in New York…


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august twenty-second


1947: Cindy Williams is born on this day in Van Nuys, California.


1949: The Egyptian and The Asphalt Jungle are published. Both will soon become major motion pictures.


1952: THE DESERT FOX premieres in West Germany after a ten month delay, due to the objection of U.S. officials.


1956: BUS STOP premieres in New York.


1956: WAR AND PEACE premieres in New York.


1958: Chico Marx, 67, has been married in Beverly Hills.


1968: Cynthia Lennon is suing John Lennon on grounds of adultery.


1988: NBC’s Later with Bob Costas premieres. Linda Ellerbee is the first guest.


Tomorrow: Sidney Poitier film is banned in Chicago…


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august twenty-third


1947: President Truman’s daughter Margaret has given her first concert.


1949: Shelley Long of Cheers is born on this day in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


1950: The city of Chicago has banned the movie NO WAY OUT starring Sidney Poitier. The reason? Racial conflict could cause trouble.


1957: THE SUN ALSO RISES premieres in New York.


1970: River Phoenix is born on this day in Madras, Oregon.


Tomorrow: The peak of the McCarthy era in America...

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august twenty-fourth


1949: SWORD IN THE DESERT premieres in New York.


1949: The treaty to create NATO has been implemented.


1951: Eve Arden has married Brooks West-- her leading man from summer stock-- in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


1952: CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY is lauded as the year’s best film.


1954: The Communist Control Act has been passed in the United States. And the American Communist Party is now outlawed.


1955: Bela Lugosi, 73, marries a 39 year old clerk in Hollywood.


1958: Steve Guttenberg is born on this day in Brooklyn.


1968: France has exploded its first hydrogen bomb.


1981: Mark David Chapman has been convicted of killing John Lennon. He is sentenced in New York to a term of 20 years to life in prison.


1989: Pete Rose has been suspended from baseball for life for gambling.


Tomorrow: Jennifer Jones’ latest movie…


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august twenty-fifth



1943: Asbestos heir Tommy Manville has tied the knot again. This is his 7th trip to the altar. The much-married Manhattan socialite served as the basis for Gary Cooper’s character in Ernst Lubitsch’s BLUEBEARD’S EIGHTH WIFE.  Even Irving Berlin wrote a song about him: “Tommy Manville’s love is not returned/He sells asbestos and he has learned/That with asbestos he still gets burned.”


1949: MADAME BOVARY premieres in New York.


1954: Gloria de Haven is divorced from realtor Martin Kimmell in Las Vegas.


1958: T.H. White’s The Once and Future King is published.


1958: Director Tim Burton is born on this day in Burbank.


1961: Singer Billy Ray Cyrus is born on this day in Flatwoods, Kentucky.


1973: Donny Osmond has the number one song—Young Love.


Tomorrow: The end of a marriage for Sterling Hayden…

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august twenty-sixth


1946: Orwell’s Animal Farm is published.


1946: The film version of Noel Coward’s BRIEF ENCOUNTER makes its North American premiere in New York.


1955: Sterling Hayden has divorced his wife in New York.


1957: The first Edsel rolls off the assembly line. Over 63,000 of these vehicles would be sold by Ford by the end of the year.


1958: The film adaptation of Broadway’s smash hit DAMN YANKEES premieres in New York.


1965: Sonny & Cher have the number one tune—I Got You Babe.


1978: John Paul I has been elected Pope following the death of Paul VI.


1980: Macaulay Culkin is born on this day in New York City.


Tomorrow: Gregory Peck’s latest film…


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august twenty-seventh


1943: Tuesday Weld is born on this day in New York City.


1947: KISS OF DEATH premieres in New York.


1952: Paul Reubens (a.k.a. PeeWee Herman) is born on this day in Peekskill, New York.


1953: ROMAN HOLIDAY premieres in New York.


1956: Wedding time for Gloria Vanderbilt. She marries director Sidney Lumet in New York.


1959: Ingmar Bergman’s THE MAGICIAN premieres in New York.


1961: Francis the Talking Mule is the mystery guest on ‘What’s My Line.’


1984: Diane Sawyer becomes the first female co-host on CBS’ 60 Minutes.


Tomorrow: A divorce for Olivia de Havilland…


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august twenty-eighth


1951: A PLACE IN THE SUN premieres in New York.


1953: Japan’s first television show premieres.


1953: Olivia de Havilland divorces novelist Marcus Goodrich in Los Angeles.


1955: Veronica Lake marries music publisher Joseph McCarthy in Michigan.


1965: Country singer Shania Twain is born on this day in Windsor, Ontario.


1969: Jason Priestley of Beverly Hills 90210 is born on this day in Vancouver.


Tomorrow: Marriage troubles for Rita Hayworth…Richard Kimble stops running…


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august twenty-ninth


1947: Bullfighter Manuel Rodriguez dies at 30, gored by a bull.


1955: Rita Hayworth has separated from Dick Haymes.


1955: 20th Century Fox has sued Frank Sinatra for $1 million. He walked off the set of CAROUSEL in Maine and had to be replaced with Gordon MacRae.


1958: Michael Jackson is born on this day in Gary, Indiana.


1964: MARY POPPINS premieres.


1967: The final episode of TV’s The Fugitive airs.


1987: Lee Marvin dies in Tucson at age 63. Cause of death: heart attack.


Tomorrow: A divorce for Cary Grant…


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august thirtieth


1945: Barbara Hutton has been given a divorce from Cary Grant.


1967: Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.


1972: Cameron Diaz is born on this day in San Diego.


Tomorrow: Leading man involved in drug bust…

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august thirty-first


1940: Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier are married.


1942: Gypsy Rose Lee has wed Alexander Kirkland in Highland Mills, New York.


1946: The New Yorker magazine devotes a whole issue to the account of destruction in Hiroshima.


1948: Robert Mitchum has been arrested in a Hollywood drug raid and sentenced to 60 days in prison.


1949: Richard Gere is born on this day in Philadelphia.


1954: Gertrude Gretsch Astor is challenging the divorce obtained last month by estranged husband John Jacob Astor VI. He has already married someone else.


1955: Ring Lardner and 20th Century Fox have reached a settlement in a wrongful termination suit. The screenwriter was fired in 1947 after refusing to discuss his alleged Communist activity.


1963: Walter Cronkite begins as anchor of the CBS Evening News.


Tomorrow: a new month of happenings…

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september first


1941: A senate subcommittee is investigating war propaganda in films.


1943: J.J. and Lee Shubert, theatrical producers, are suing drama critic Louis Kronenberger for $300,000 because of unfair, unjust and cruel reviews.


1944: The motion picture version of Broadway’s hit ARSENIC AND OLD LACE opens in New York.


1955: Herman Wouk’s Marjorie Morningstar is published by Doubleday. Gene Kelly and Natalie Wood will star in the film adaptation.


Tomorrow: Controversy surrounds MGM’s BLACKBOARD JUNGLE…

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