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Betty Hutton Biography....

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Hi, No Betty Hutton has NOT written a book about herself,

nor given information to write her biography (as of 2000.) I was a friend of hers in 1999 and in contact with her almost on a daily basis. That was the period after she left the university, and was living alone in Palm Springs, just before being hospitalized (another troubled time.) It was difficult to keep her going emotionally from day to day. She really was an interesting person, and nice on a one on one relationship. She was always reluctant to give details of her life stating that her "troubled times" were always the result of someone else. But when you talked to that other person it would be a different story.

As such I don't think she wanted to get into the "details" of her life. It's a shame because when she would recall stories of her past it was awesome to hear.

She really put her heart in it when she was doing it.

We're all hoping for the best for her.

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Wow, yes that is interesting that you were in contact with Hutton. Can you tell us how she's doing now? And does she really live alone in Palm Springs? I had heard that she was living with one of her kids, or that she moved out there to be closer to them or something like that. Do you know any more about her current status?

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Well, I can fill you in from 1996 up until about 2 years ago. She had lived a couple years in New Hampshire in a condominium near the University that one of the University directors (graciously) let her stay in. He needed the unit again so she moved to Palm Springs to stay with a couple guys who had extra room. After a year or so they decided the situation was unworkable, so she

got an apartment on her own. Her Screen Actor's Guild pension and Social Security together afforded her enough

to provide a modest living. She had a maid/helper come in every day for a couple hours, make coffee, fix lunch,

take her out awhile, sometimes dinner. This is when I became involved with her. Everything would go along fine

except when she had a "troubled time." She would not answer the door for a day or two, and it was hard for me to help her because I live in Georgia. She called me when she was hospitalized and asked if she could come to Georgia, I could set her up in an apartment and have my employees check on her morning, afternoon and evening.

The hospital released her to me at her request. No, her Daughters wanted nothing to do with her and refused her calls. While I had her temporarily set up in the P.S. Hilton, politics got the Riverside Dept. of Adult protective Services to "sucker" her into staying awhile, which ultimately led to her being placed in a foster care home. After the first one, she was staying with someone who placed her stuff on Ebay. His id was "tahomike" and he offered autographed photos,CDs, and for an additional $50 you could arrange a phone call with her. Maybe 50 people took advantage of this, then he abruptly cancelled the auctions saying she may be available again after she got out of the hospital. Then no sign of her until the Robert Osborn interview. One can surmise that she is staying with someone who can look after her now. Several have tried to get her to "do something again." but it never seems to work out. Wonderful Lady- we all wish her the peace and happiness she deserves.

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Thanks rollspartz for filling us in on Betty. I hope she's still doing well, and that whoever is "caring" for her is doing a good job of it. I think at this stage of her life she needs support and someone to genuinely take care of her. If you find out anything more, please let us know. Thanks again.



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