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TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film


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On 5/24/2022 at 11:33 AM, TopBilled said:

Tuesday May 24, 2022


Elephant on TCM



more Elephant

Elephant-Boy.jpg tcc.png

Elephant Boy (1937, Robert Flaherty and Zoltán Korda)

This  charming translation of Rudyard Kipling’s “Jungle Book” story “Toomai of the Elephants" is a harmonious mix of the two filmmakers’ styles; Flaherty's adeptness at ethnographic documentary and Korda's taste for grand adventure. The film also served as the breakthrough showcase for the thirteen-year-old Sabu, whose beaming performance as a young mahout leading the British on an expedition made him a major international star. New to me (thanks, TB). Currently streaming on The Criterion Channel.

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On 5/24/2022 at 11:17 PM, TopBilled said:

Wednesday May 25, 2022

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 7.40.49 AM.jpeg

Himalayas on TCM

black narcissus

more Himalayas

lh1.jpg  app_icon_200x200.png

Lost Horizon (1937, Frank Capra)

A cast of misfits on a small plane suddenly crash land in Tibet. Rescued by an ancient Chinese man, they are led to the beautiful world of Shangri-La. Wise cracks, great cinematography and a poignant message characterize this Capra adventure yarn. Free on tubi. Capra on the film:


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17 hours ago, TopBilled said:

Friday May 27, 2022

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 7.56.38 AM 2

Wonderful on TCM

having wonderful time

it's a wonderful world

more Wonderful

ows1.jpg  tcc.png plex-1-282404.png

One Wonderful Sunday (1947, Akira Kurosawa)

Yuzo and his fiancée Masako spend their Sunday afternoon together, trying to have a good time on just thirty-five yen. They manage to have many small adventures, especially because Masako's optimism and belief in dreams is able to lift Yuzo from his realistic despair.  Though he's my all time favorite director this smaller, unheralded film is one from Kurosawa and his team I have yet to watch. Currently streaming on TCC and free on Plex.

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  • Anything Goes, Lewis Milestone, 1936
  • Atlantis, Valentyn Vasyanovych, 2019
  • Babes in Arms, Busby Berkeley, 1939
  • Beauty and the Beast, Christophe Gans, 2014
  • Body Heat, Lawrence Kasdan, 1981
  • Chameleon Street, Wendell B. Harris Jr., 1989
  • Chamisso’s Shadow, Ulrike Ottinger, 2016
  • Charlatan, Agnieszka Holland, 2020
  • Children, Terence Davies, 1976
  • A Chorus Line, Richard Attenborough, 1985
  • Cinema Paradiso, Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988
  • Circumstance, Maryam Keshavarz, 2011
  • Cleopatra Jones, Jack Starrett, 1973
  • The Clock, Vincente Minnelli, 1945
  • The Darkside, Warwick Thornton, 2013
  • Death and Transfiguration, Terence Davies, 1983
  • The Deep Blue Sea, Terence Davies, 2011 
  • Distant Voices, Still Lives, Terence Davies, 1988 
  • Dorian Gray in the Mirror of the Yellow Press, Ulrike Ottinger, 1984
  • Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder, 1944
  • Easter Parade, Charles Walters, 1948
  • Fannie’s Film, Fronza Woods, 1982
  • Fire Music, Tom Surgal, 2018
  • Five Graves to Cairo, Billy Wilder, 1943
  • For Me and My Gal, Busby Berkeley, 1942
  • A Foreign Affair, Billy Wilder, 1948
  • Forbidden Planet, Fred M. Wilcox, 1956
  • Foxy Brown, Jack Hill, 1974
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Howard Hawks, 1953
  • Girl Crazy, Norman Taurog, Busby Berkeley, 1943
  • The Gospel of Eureka, Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher, 2018
  • Green Bush, Warwick Thornton, 2005
  • Hansel and Gretel, Len Talan, 1987
  • The Harvey Girls, George Sidney, 1946
  • Head On, Ana Kokkinos, 1998
  • The Hole, Tsai Ming-liang, 1998*
  • In the Good Old Summertime, Buster Keaton and Robert Z. Leonard, 1949
  • Joan of Arc of Mongolia, Ulrike Ottinger, 1989
  • Karen Dalton: In My Own Time, Robert Yapkowitz and Richard Peete, 2020*
  • Keyboard Fantasies, Posy Dixon, 2019 
  • Killing Time, Fronza Woods, 1979
  • Laocoon & Sons, Tabea Blumenschein and Ulrike Ottinger, 1975
  • Lilting, Hong Khaou, 2014
  • The Longest Day, Ken Annakin, Andrew Marton, and Bernhard Wicki, 1962
  • The Lost Weekend, Billy Wilder, 1945
  • Madame X: An Absolute Ruler, Ulrike Ottinger, 1977
  • Madonna and Child, Terence Davies, 1980
  • Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, Mouly Surya, 2017
  • Meet Me in St. Louis, Vincente Minnelli, 1944
  • Mimi, Warwick Thornton, 2002
  • Nana, Warwick Thornton, 2007
  • The Neon Bible, Terence Davies, 1995
  • Of Time and the City, Terence Davies, 2008 
  • Owd Bob, Rodney Gibbons, 1998
  • Paris Calligrammes, Ulrike Ottinger, 2020
  • The Pirate, Vincente Minnelli, 1948
  • The Poseidon Adventure, Ronald Neame, 1972
  • Prater, Ulrike Ottinger, 2007
  • Presenting Lily Mars, Norman Taurog, 1943
  • A Quiet Passion, Terence Davies, 2016 
  • ’Round Midnight, Bertrand Tavernier, 1986
  • Samson & Delilah, Warwick Thornton, 2009
  • Seconds, John Frankenheimer, 1966
  • Stud Life, Campbell Ex, 2012
  • Summer Stock, Charles Walters, 1950
  • Sweet Country, Warwick Thornton, 2017
  • Taiga, Ulrike Ottinger, 1992
  • Victor and Victoria, Reinhold Schünzel, 1933
  • Zero Patience, John Greyson, 1993 
  • Ziegfeld Girl, Robert Z. Leonard, 1941
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