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TCM and Other Sources for Classic Film


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7 minutes ago, Fading Fast said:

I watched about 20 minutes of it, but then had to work (seemed cute in a cookie-cutter way - I like Frances Dee), so maybe it was woven into the plot and I missed it; otherwise, it's surprising that Hollywood put out a movie where the female lead is nine years older than the male lead - and they're married -  yet the age difference didn't seem to be part of the story. 

It's been awhile since I've seen MEET THE STEWARTS, but if memory serves correctly, the age discrepancy is not part of the plot so we can assume Ms. Dee is probably meant to be playing younger than her actual age.

The film is a cheap Columbia programmer that has its merits. But Holden made a much better family sitcom type film at Paramount called DEAR RUTH, which had a sequel that he appeared in as well, DEAR WIFE. In those pictures, Joan Caulfield was the leading lady.

Note: DEAR RUTH is airing later today on TCM, so check it out!

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Wednesday August 10, 2022


Greta Garbo on TCM

goesta berling’s saga

the torrent

a woman of affairs


anna karenina


two-faced woman


the mysterious lady

anna christie

queen christina

wild orchids

the single standard

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Thursday August 11, 2022


Laurence Harvey on TCM

king richard and the crusaders

the good die young

life at the top

two loves

the wonderful world of the brothers grimm

the outrage

the running man

the manchurian candidate

walk on the wild side

room at the top

of human bondage

night watch

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Friday August 12, 2022


Jane Powell on TCM

a date with judy

luxury liner

nancy goes to rio

rich young and pretty

three sailors and a girl

hit the deck

the girl most likely

royal wedding

seven brides for seven brothers

small town girl

two weeks with love

enchanted island

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Saturday August 13, 2022


Marlon Brando on TCM

the teahouse of the august moon

julius caesar

mutiny on the bounty

guys and dolls

the chase

meet marlon brando

a streetcar named desire

the wild one

viva zapata!

reflections in a golden eye

the formula

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Monday August 15, 2022


Randolph Scott on TCM

follow the fleet

my favorite wife

badman’s territory

colt .45

fort worth

carson city

the man behind the gun

thunder over the plains

shoot-out at medicine bend

ride lonesome

buchanan rides alone

ride the high country

the bounty hunter

virginia city


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Tuesday August 16, 2022


Raquel Welch on TCM


the biggest bundle of them all


kansas city bomber

the last of sheila

the three musketeers

the four musketeers

one million years b.c.


hannie caulder

100 rifles

the wild party

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Wednesday August 17, 2022


Spencer Tracy on TCM


san francisco

edison the man

keeper of the flame 

the seventh cross

thirty seconds over tokyo

the old man and the sea

adam’s rib

pat and mike

cass timberlane

dr. jekyll and mr. hyde

plymouth adventure

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Thursday August 18, 2022


Shelley Winters on TCM

blume in love

behave yourself!

my man and i

the treasure of pancho villa

i died a thousand times

let no man write my epitaph


a place in the sun

the night of the hunter

meet danny wilson

he ran all the way

the chapman report

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Friday August 19, 2022


Toshiro Mifune on TCM


throne of blood

samurai i: musashi miyamoto

duel at ichijoji temple

samurai iii: duel at ganryu island


zatoichi meets yojimbo


the seven samurai

high and low

i live in fear

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Saturday August 20, 2022


Joan Crawford on TCM


strange cargo

reunion in france


queen bee

the women

what ever happened to baby jane?

mildred pierce

grand hotel

flamingo road

the damned don’t cry

this woman is dangerous

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Sunday August 21, 2022


Clint Eastwood on TCM

escapade in japan

the first traveling saleslady

lafayette escadrille

every which way but loose

hang ’em high

coogan’s bluff

kelly’s heroes

the outlaw josey wales

the gauntlet

magnum force

where eagles dare

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Monday August 22, 2022


Constance Bennett on TCM

son of the gods

sin takes a holiday

lady with a past

two against the world

the common law


after tonight

after office hours


merrily we live

what price hollywood?

bed of roses

the easiest way

law of the tropics

smart woman

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Tuesday August 23, 2022


Mickey Rooney on TCM

a midsummer night’s dream

the human comedy

young tom edison

girl crazy

national velvet

killer mccoy

the strip

strike up the band

andy hardy gets spring fever

boys town

the adventures of huckleberry finn


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Wednesday August 24, 2022


Jacqueline Bisset on TCM

the first time

the life and times of judge roy bean

the thief who came to dinner

the spiral staircase

st. ives

the deep


day for night

la ceremonie

under the volcano

believe in me

the grasshopper

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Thursday August 25, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 12.23.49 PM

Gilbert Roland on TCM

men of the north

our betters

gambling on the high seas

the french line


beneath the 12-mile reef

the miracle of our lady of fatima

the bad and the beautiful

beauty and the bandit

robin hood of monterey

apache war smoke

thunder bay

guns of the timberland

glory alley

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Friday August 26, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-06-16 at 10.36.24 AM

Vivien Leigh on TCM

vivien leigh: scarlett and beyond

21 days

caesar and cleopatra

anna karenina

the roman spring of mrs. stone

ship of fools

the making of a legend: gone with the wind

gone with the wind

waterloo bridge

that hamilton woman

a yank at oxford

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Saturday August 27, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 9.18.56 AM

Marilyn Monroe on TCM

ladies of the chorus

the asphalt jungle

the princess and the showgirl

the misfits

there’s no business like show business

how to marry a millionaire

monkey business

the seven year itch

gentlemen prefer blondes

some like it hot

bus stop

clash by night

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Sunday August 28, 2022


Cary Grant on TCM


every girl should be married

gunga din

penny serenade

the philadelphia story


north by northwest


mr. blandings builds his dream house

his girl friday

mr. lucky

in name only

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Monday August 29, 2022


Myrna Loy on TCM

the animal kingdom

when ladies meet


men in white

stamboul quest


the best years of our lives

the bachelor and the bobby soxer

the thin man

after the thin man

i love you again

libeled lady

double wedding

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Fans of "Old School" Science-Fiction and Horror Films will find a treasure trove of gems on The Essential Sci-Fi Channel application. I subscribe to the channel via my Roku streaming device, but the application is available for Apple devices and available on Amazon and Google Play.

To date, I've enjoyed the following flicks:


Visit to a Small Planet, starring Jerry Lewis and based on a hit Broadway play by Gore Vidal (who was royally peeved that Lewis was cast in the role that earned Cyril Ritchard a Tony nomination for Best Actor).


0b20f56c140e4b4g647ueorf9.jpg     c1bc8eb899d4ca16a9077dc872fccb10.jpg

The Head, a 1959 West German thriller featuring Michel Simon as the titular disembodied cranium. Simon had earlier appeared in movies directed by distinguished directors such as Marcel Carné, Jean Renoir, and Jean Vigo. How the mighty had fallen! Starring a garishly made up Horst Frank as the mad "Dr. Ood." Original title: Die Nackte und der Satan (Missed opportunity! The title should have been Die Nackte und der Kopf [The Naked and the Head]).



The similarly themed The Man without a Body, headlined by Robert Hutton and George Coulouris. The latter star portrays a ruthless tycoon with a brain tumor. After witnessing the (you should pardon the expression) heady experiments of Hutton's scientist (experiments that involve bringing a dead monkey's head back to life), the wealthy industrialist arranges to have the head of none other than Nostradamus stolen so that the prophet's brain can be transplanted into his skull. This 1957 British production --  directed by W. Lee Wilder (Billy's brother) -- is one part Frankenstein, one part Donovan's Brain, and one part turkey sandwich.



The Invisible Ray starring Boris Karloff (billed as KARLOFF) and Bela Lugosi. This 1936 Universal gem was the third pairing of the studio's two Titans of Terror. Lugosi is on the side of the angels this time around, collaborating with French Sûreté to capture Karloff's mad scientist (who glows in the dark and whose touch is death!). The play of expressions on Bela's face as he responds, "They die."  to the police chief's question "And . . . uhh . . . if he touches anyone?" is one of my favorite moments in The Invisible Ray. Among its splendors: the appearance of a cathedral set from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) and the spectacular death of Janos Rukh (Karloff).

All movies on The Essentials Science-Fiction Channel (which also offers classic, "B," and Grade Z horror films) can be watched free with ads or can be watched ad-free with a $5.99 monthly subscription. The presentation quality of the movies that I watched was fair, not pristine. But the catalog of movies (including TV shows and serials) offered, for me, is irresistible.



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Tuesday August 30, 2022


Jack Carson on TCM

gentleman jim

the male animal

make your own bed

roughly speaking

the time the place and the girl

love and learn

romance on the high seas

it’s a great feeling

my dream is yours

the good humor man

two guys from milwaukee

two guys from texas

april showers

this marriage business

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Wednesday August 31, 2022


Peter Sellers on TCM

your past is showing

tom thumb

the mouse that roared

only two can play

the world of henry orient

i love you alice b. toklas!

being there

dr. strangelove

after the fox

the party

the bobo

the fiedish plot of dr. fu manchu

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