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Watch TCM Movies on Demand doesn't work today


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 I tried that, but I still got the soundtrack even though the film was paused. Weird.


Then I tried on my ipad, and it worked fine without having to pause anything.


Then I tried back here, and it works fine now.


We'll see how long it lasts.

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* Sigh * We appear to be right back where we were a couple of weeks ago. I had the exact same problem in Windows trying to watch a movie yesterday and thought I'd solved it by rebooting the computer. That worked then, but is no longer working. I can't watch movies on a Windows (aka Flash) computer once again. And, it has nothing to do with the browser, since I've tried Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Why does this keep recurring? As before, the "Watch Live" function seems to be working but not movies on demand.


TCM Moderator: Please give an update on when this will be fixed.

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Quick update:  after some more QA this appears to be limited to 2 titles, which are being corrected now.


If you continue to see issues, please provide the title of the film you were attempting to watch and what was/was not happening, along with the browser and internet provider you were attempting to view it with.


Thanks and sorry for the interruption!


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I have just tried viewing Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer in IE and Chrome and the viewing screen is so far to the right that I can only see about an inch of the left side.  I tried other movies and they're fine, so it seems to be an issue with that one movie.  Could an administrator please look into why there is an issue with this movie?



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I love TCM, on my Cox cable tv but I really began to enjoy the On demand internet feature.  Unfortunately, it has been plagued with a number of issues. I have seen some of them noted above: the only a quarter of the picture showing, no picture at all, sound, only live no on demand. It goes on.

That was in JUly , I think.  Now, since August ,14 began, I get a fine picture all the time and fairly good audio

HOWEVER,  the audio and video stutter, drop out and it goes on constantly. sometimes it is ok for about 5mins into the movie. then about every 20seconds-but it is not a constant 20seconds, can be a minute or 4times in 30seconds. just hic cup type ,stammers.

it does not happen with any other streaming company or even you tube. all is just fine,perfect.  I never get any stutters with anything other than TCM, both LIve and OnDemand. It is totally frustrating and almost impossible to enjoy any of the great movies.

I have a fast computer put in a new router and Ethernet and hdmi cables, too. still the same issues and only the TCM content.

I have used IE11,  FF versions 28, 29, 30 and on 3 separate computers ,each of which is up to date

I get a constant 32MBps download speed a new docsis3 modem from Cox Cable\

I wish this would be resolved. Cox tech knows nothing regarding this problem or so I was informed as recently as 2 days ago.


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