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I'm not quite sure how to describe this trivia exercise, except to say that the secret is to "answer" the question without really answering it.  The point is to keep it going as long as possible without naming the film.


Does that even make sense?  Maybe not, but I'll give an example:  Begin with:


"This is Mrs. Norman Maine"


Okay, we all know that this is from A Star Is Born, but instead of just giving  the title, which anyone could do, you might reply with


"Pocatello, Idaho"


or "Jack Carson KO's James Mason"


or "The night is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter"


or any other line or memorable moment you can think of that immediately makes you think of the same movie.


And then you pass it on to the next person, and see how long we can extend it and still come up with a familiar reference point.  It's more of a community exercise than a competition.


Of course "familiar" is subjective, but try not to make it too obscure.  The idea is to keep it going.


Yes, I know I should get a life, but what the hell, here are five starters, all of which should be easily recognizable for anyone who's seen these "Essentials"  from 1933 through 1946:


1. "Must've been tough on your mother, not having any children!"


2. "That's arson!"


3. "Do come again, Mrs. PROWLER"


4. "Do your duty, McPherson!"


5. "Bright boy"


Just remember NOT to name the movie. :)

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Andy, this looks like it would be a wonderful addition to the Games and Trivia forum instead.


(...btw, my offering would be, "Don't ask a dying man to lie his soul into Hell.", as I'm assuming your reference was in regard to the movie in which Burt Lancaster made his film debut)

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Good suggestion, Dargo, I wasn't aware of that sub-forum.  I'll re-post it there.


btw, my offering would be, "Don't ask a dying man to lie his soul into Hell."


To which I might reply,  "KITTY IS INNOCENT! KITTY IS INNOCENT!!"


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