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This is not a hard answer, just some information which may be related to it's non-appearance.


Begining with the third paragraph - Here: TCMDb Archive


Wow Kid,  great info.      To me this explains the WHY;    After spending money to create a DVD re-release of the film,  the owners of the rights are either restricting access or charging a price that TCM isn't willing to meet.


A simple logical explaination.     We don't need the movie JFK to explain it for us!  

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There is another reason too. Olive films, who now distributes the film on DVD, has a contract with Paramount. Invasion of the Body Sntachers now belongs to Paramount. And we all know how parsimonious Paramount is toward TCM.


What you state is the reason I was trying to give in my post below.   I guess I didn't articulate my comments well.   Either way,  this is a case where either TCM was denied a lease of the film or that the leasing price for the re-mastered version was just not reasonsable from TCM's POV.

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TCM used to show this about once a year, but now it hasn't been shown in several years. Any reason for this?

TCM's lease agreements aren't open ended and perhaps the one for INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS has expired. 


That film has just recently been added to NetFlix's streaming service along with a number of other Paramount-owned titles, so perhaps they have exclusive rights to it now. All these new programming sources have really change things since I was in the business so I'm not sure how streaming affects the availability of films to cable networks like TCM.

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