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STARK LOVE (1927), Where is it?


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I have been told numerous times in the last three years that this rare Karl Brown directed Silent feature, voted into the Library of Congress National Film Registry back in I think 2009,  will premiere on TCM very soon. Just two months ago I was informed by the guy who played for the screening back in October of 2010 that he had talked with a guy at TCM and that it was quote "all ready to go!" So where is this movie? Why haven't we still gotten a debut? There are no copyright ties to Paramount Pictures as I understand, so that can't be part of the lengthy hold up. Would sincerely appreciate any information.


Could we get STARK LOVE on the schedule before the end of the year? Much like with Tod Browning's THE BLACKBIRD (1926), where a version was produced for TCM in 2005, but didn't finally air until October of 2008. STARK LOVE might be another project that was produced, put on the back-burner, and forgotten about, until people who where of aware of it like Me, and Jack Theakston,  started bringing it up, and jogged the programming departments memory? Otherwise I can't figure out why it has not been shown yet? Can we please get an update? Thanks.

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 So where is this movie? Why haven't we still gotten a debut?




I can't address STARK LOVE in particular, but if TCM has the rights to it, they may be planning on using it as part of some kind of special programming event and will save it for that. It's also possible that while they made a deal for it, the rights don't begin until some future date. There can be many reasons why they might be sitting on


I don't think anybody has to "jog" their memory. The programmers know exactly what they have and how they plan to use it.

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