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THE BABY (1973) - What a hoot!


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Did anyone catch The Baby last night?  I just finished watching it, and it's almost impossible to describe.  Kind of a combination of Freaks, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, Night of the Living Dead, and Die! Die! My Darling!, with the weird sensation that the bloated Liz Taylor of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, or maybe it's Divine from Pink Flamingos, is inhabiting Ruth Roman's body!  And what an ending!  I'm still cracking up at the denouement.


Bottom line, though, is that it's a camp classic, even if it's probably more suited for a repeat on Hallowe'en than on Mother's Day! :)

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This film has only a few flaws.


1.  Marianna Hill's hair is too big

2.  We don't get to see Marianna Hill naked

3.  Gerald Fried uses his opening theme in virtually every scene that has music, which means he probably quit the film and let the music editor take over

4.  "Baby" looks like Gary Puckett

5.  Michael Pataki was better in Rocky IV

6.  Ruth Roman's breasts seem to get bigger as the movie progresses

7.  By the time we get to see Anjanette Comer in a bathing suit, the film is over

8. During the birthday party, Ruth Roman dresses like that mechanical doll that explodes alongside Jim Carrey in The Dead Pool


Other than that, this was a great work of art.

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Well, since other than Ruth Roman I wouldn't recognize any of those other actors or actresses if I tripped over them in a time machine, those flaws only add to the movie's camp qualities.  Roman's wigmeister and fluctuating measurements reminded me of one of those Liz Taylor photos from the National Enquirer of the 1980's, and they also added to the fun.  The only scene that I thought was a bit over the top was the one with the baby and the babysitter, which fortunately for all concerned seems to have been mostly left to the imagination.


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