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Director Producer William Cheney is He really Dead?


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 Maybe you know there was a director producer and actor. Named William Cheney. He made a few films from the 1990's to mid 2007 ish. The first of his films I watched first was Cheney's Tomorrow never comes?. Very odd but funny film. Low budget film that some how just worked. It was a blast to watch. I read on the net He filmed a part 2 of it but can't find it. I did find and watch Recon 7 down made by his company and it was good. I found one called roswell 1847 and it was a stinker.

  I looked around the net and found there were a few films he made ther titled The box of the dead and Inglorious Bumblers the latter I found on you tube for free. It apeared to be unused sceens from two of his films and yet agind some how it just works and is a joy to view.

  So i poked around the net and found his company Cheney Films still exists, Emailed them to see where I can buy part two of Tomorrow Never comes?. All i recived back was Yadda yadda thank you for your intrest in Cheney films company. 

  So I noticed that cheney films owned or coproduced films with Super team productions in the UK. I emailed them and recived a one line reply when I asked about the part two of the film. The reply came from an Ian Paterson. Here it is. Cheney is dead and forgotten. really who would write that. I looked for a obituary and there is none is His death a lie or joke. I just wanted to buy the part two of a funny film that I enjoyed. Anyone know if William is alive if so any contact for him?.

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