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Shelley Winters in two 70s horror films tonight-- who's watching?


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The first one is THE VISITOR, with Glenn Ford and Mel Ferrer. The plot: "an intergalactic warrior must stop a demonic eight year old girl from achieving global domination." You know, the kind of stuff that happens every day in the news.


Then, it's TENTACLES, a JAWS-rip off starring John Huston and Henry Fonda. Plot description is as follows:  "a giant octopus terrorizes a seaside resort, killing swimmers and divers and attacking a sailing regatta."

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TENTACLES was a dreadful excrescence.  I watched it once via an old Vestron Video tape years ago and was surprised at how rancid it was.  Yecch! 


I've not yet seen THE VISITOR yet; I fell asleep last night before it aired.


     Maybe TCM could air a couple of these horror/suspense movies featuring Ms. Winters some time (if they haven't already):


     INITIATION OF SARAH, The (1978-Tvm)

     WHO SLEW AUNTIE ROO? (1971)



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I'd like to see Shelley Winters as SOTM. Not sure that I'd need to see The Poseidon Adventure. It may not have been on TCM, but it has been on television a lot!  I would like to see South Sea Sinner and (since this thread is about horror films), Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?, a sort of campy "Hansel and Gretel."





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Good idea- actually I wish TCM did a festival of made for tv horror movies.

Indeed.  There were many wonderful tv horror movies made during the 70's and early 80's.   "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" with Kim Darby and Jim Hutton was so good and you never see it on tv these days.   That movie has always creeped me out.  I wish TCM would dig this one out.  

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