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Cable TV may be on the way out?


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One can get their content via a smartphone but have the display sent to their, say,  50 inch, TV set.     This is where things are moving.

Then it will be a competition for bandwidth... I hate a weak signal now on HD. Trying to compete with everyone for bandwidth?! OMG... Then it will be all about who can afford 'premium' access. It will always be a battle of the haves vs have-nots. One thing about the human condition... If there is a way to make $$$ off of it, it will happen. Gotta love it!!! Horatio Alger myth at its finest.

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But happens when the cable giants run outta bandwidth? 


Then they need to get rid of the junk channels i.e. Food, the now worthless TLC and too many home shopping channels. Glad South Park's "Cash for Gold" ripped into that.



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