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Actors Whose Images/Personas Have Not Aged Well


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Melissa McCarthy certainly is a good actress, but she's not even the most talented comedienne on CBS Monday nights. That honor goes to Anna Faris, who made several fine comic movies in the latter half of last decade ("Smiley Face," "The House Bunny") but never quite caught on. She moved to TV last year in another Chuck Lorre-produced sitcom, "Mom," where she and Allison Janney play daughter-and-mother recovering alcoholics trying to make ends meet. That in itself doesn't sound all that funny, but Faris and Janney have terrific chemistry and the scripts have plenty of heart. "Mom" will be back for a second season and is well worth checking out. I'm hoping it can lift Faris to a return to the big screen; it may help that she's married to the star of the hour, Chris Pratt of "Guardians Of The Galaxy" fame.




I wouldn't say Faris never quite caught on  (but since 'quite' is in the statement there is a lot of wiggle room).    For about a 5 year period or so she was the number one female cute, babe comic.   The Scary movie series did well at the box office.  As you noted Faris got married and because a mom.   She was a guest star on Top Chef and to me that singled she wanted a change.    Making movies requires a lot of time away from home.    The TV series allows here to go home after shooting is done.     So there might not be a return to the big screen any time soon.    


Also,  she has aged (yea, fact of life),   and producers are unlikely to cast her as the cute babe.   I don't know if she wants to be a more serious actress or not (e.g. do drama).   Of course now she can play the funny mommy role instead of the daughter role.

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