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Kiss Me Deadly


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TCMProgrammer of anyone else know if the print of "Kiss Me Deadly" that is screening tomorrow is the restored print with the original ending?




lynn in sherman oaks


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The house explodes but up until the restoration, there were missing scenes:


From imagejournals.com:


The correct sequence of the ending, which is not exactly as scripted, consists of four events: (1) the house begins to explode; (2) Hammer and Velda stumble into the surf and turn to look back; (3) the house explodes into flames and the title, "The End," emerges from the center of the frame, comes forward optically, and remains superimposed over a last shot (4) of Hammer and Velda holding each other at the water's edge.


That is why I am hoping TCM shows the restored version but would like to know because if I get all the way to the end and it's not the restored version then I will be a bit upset.

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