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free computer?


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I think my old workhorse of a machine is getting ready to kick off. Anyone know of any way to get a free computer preferably a laptop? 


Try a business / company that throws out perfectly good computers just because its a few years old.  I got an IBM Think Center that way.  If there is a recycling center for electronics, try there.


All my computers with the exception of the Color Computer are used, built them up from scratch, costing me nothing or next to nothing (the main frame), only needing to buy a few expansion board, drives, etc.  I will NOT buy a NEW computer today (matter of fact the past 20 years) because of the built in planned obsolescence.


Like to add they all look new, I won't obtain junk. The computer I'm using now, I got off Ebay is a MINT Dell Zotac for $79.00 with free  shipping.  Virtually looks like it was made yesterday. One needs to do their research carefully in order to avoid duds.

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The reason I think my dinosaur is sick is that I think my cooling fans have stopped becauswe I can't hear them anymore so for ventilation I have both my disc drive trays open. I'm gonna hafta remove the side panel and remove are the accumilated dust in the innerts. Hopefully that'll get the fans goin' again.  :)

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