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Robert Taylor @ $35,000/week/ Salaries


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What year was Robert Taylor employed by MGM at $35,000/ week? That sum seems so huge for that period, considering at 40 weeks a year, it would equal $1,400,000 annually!


Out of curiosity, what were some other huge, huge salaries for the times? The ones I can think of were:


Greta Garbo - $500,000 for Camille, again for Conquest

Marlene Dietrich - $450,000 for Knight Without Armour

Deanna Durbin - $400,000 for It Started with Eve

Gary Cooper - $300,000 for Unconquered

Mae West - $400,0000 for Belle of the Nineties

Ava Gardner - $17,500/week for Knights of the Round Table



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To rosinryanz, I had long ago written a rather

lengthy article on just this very subject!


It was when *"The King: Clark Gable"-(1901-60) was a 2nd time "Star of the Month"-(November of 2004 & it's unfortunately long deleted now, I checked)

However, I did get print outs of article


The Golden Age Giants you list were also includd in same

But, more in deoth & with each $$$ raise,etc


It was called:


"What *The King: Gable" made vs. todays $20 million club"


By the way, his financial highnote was for his last, ironically. $750.000 plus a certain amount for each day/week overtime-(he knew he had botched-it with *"GWTW" & took straight salary, as opposed to a percentage of the epic)

Ironically, around this time of 1939, 40 & 1941, the highest pd movie star was: *James Cagney-(1899-1986)-(of course after being 1st to strike at Warner Bros.)


*Coop, did get a lot more when he worked with *Goldwyn though

But, Dietrich hit her financial highnote with picture you listed-(Paramount & Adolph Zukor-(1873-1976) brought her here to Paramount, to attempt-(in vein) to topple M-G-M's Garbo!


& according to a new docu. on Biography ch.-(Mongo, also saw it I believe) though he started out as the 4th Gangster on the WB's lot. *Humphrey Bogart-(1899-1986) around 1947, was the highest pd in Tinsel-Town!


Wish I could bring up that post again

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i just finished reading the genius of the system by thomas schatz and it has loads of info on the financial side of the movie industry including the purchasing of rights to material and the salaries of writers, producers,and directors also a comprehensive history of financial strategies. I believe alot of the credit for actors and actresses salaries are do to the work of david selznik as one of the first agents to allow the stars to reach thier full potential as a commodity.

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You shouldn't take what you read at IMDB.com that seriously. The actors under contract to MGM never made that kind of money. Generally, the stars were making in the $200,000 to $300,000 range in the 30s, 40s and early 50s. By 1955 MGM had dumped virtually all of its contract actors. There after they were paid on a per film basis.



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I agree with sagebrush522, while IMDb has a lot of good information, it also has some errors. As for salaries, I read sometime ago (and I don't recall where) that in his prime, Spencer Tracy never made more than $800,000 a year while at MGM. Since he was considered a bigger boxoffice draw than Robert Taylor (no offense to Taylor fans) it seems highly unlikely that Taylor was pulling down $35,000 a week.

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