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Twickenham Studios Photos and The Beatles


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I’m writing a series of short articles that tell the stories behind The Beatles’ album covers.  I’m currently writing about their fourth British album titled Beatles For Sale.


Inside the album’s front cover is a picture of The Beatles posed in front of a montage of film starts.  The picture was taken by photographer Robert Freeman in early 1964 at the Twickenham Film Studios’ Viewing Theatre in London.  A copy of the picture is attached.


Here’s my puzzle: I’m trying to identify all of the film stars shown in the picture, and hope to include a list of their names in my article.   I’ve contacted the staff at Twickenham Studios about my project but they never responded.  I’m hoping  you can spare a few minutes to identify some of those film stars, or perhaps refer me to your friends and colleagues who could help.


In order to make this work I’ve developed a numbered map of the individual photos in the montage and a corresponding numbered list for recording names as the stars are identified.  The numbered map is also attached, and a current list is below.  As you can see, almost half the people have been identified, but many more have not.  The name of the pirate-looking man with a mustache (photo number 10) just above Paul McCartney would be a great discovery.  Several photos have been identified as two different people – any thoughts on which one it is?  I’d also be interested in learning the name of the films these photos came from.


Thanks very much.






Attached are two prints of a photograph titled “The Beatles, Montage”.   It features The Beatles posed in front of a montage of film stars at London’s Twickenham Film Studios, and was taken by photographer Robert Freeman, circa March-April 1963.  The photo was used inside the front cover of the band’s fourth British album, Beatles For Sale.  In this picture we know who The Beatles are, but who are all those film stars behind them?  Please help me identify the names of the 34 actors and actresses behind The Beatles as they are numbered on the attached montage map.


The Beatles

A   George Harrison

B   Paul McCartney

C   John Lennon

D   Ringo Starr


Film Stars


1                            DONALD PLEASENCE


2 left____________________________________________________________________


2 center _________________________________________________________________


2 right    _________________________________________________________________


3        ____________________________________________________________________


4      _____________________________________________________________________


5                            MARY PICKFORD


6                            GLORIA GRAHAME or SUSAN HAYWARD


7 left      _____________________________________________________________________


7 right    _____________________________________________________________________


8 left      _____________________________________________________________________


8 right    _____________________________________________________________________


9                            ALBERT FINNEY


10                          DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS


11                          SIMONE SIGNORET


12     _________________________________________________________________________


13     _________________________________________________________________________


14                          JAYNE MANSFIELD


15 left                  VICTOR MATURE


15 right                MURRAY KASH


16                          THEDA BARA or ALLA NAZIMOVA


17 left                  BENNY HILL


17 right                TOMMY STEELE


18 left                  IAN CARMICHAEL


18 right                JANETTE SCOTT


19           ___________________________________________________________________


20           ___________________________________________________________________


21           ___________________________________________________________________


22           ___________________________________________________________________


23 left                  RACHEL ROBERTS


23 right                ALBERT FINNEY


24 left   ____________________________________________________________________


24 center  __________________________________________________________________


24 right  ___________________________________________________________________



Please add any corrections (did I overlook a picture?) and anything else of interest, such as the title of the movie that the picture was taken from.  Note that several photos have two names listed – any thoughts on which it is?  Also, please let me know if you know the whereabouts of a photo of the full Twickenham montage without anyone in front of it.  Thanks so much for your help.







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Is there any way to post a link to a better image of the montage?  The thumbnail is indistinct.


Number 8 might be Lawrence Olivier and Vivienne Leigh.  And the movie might be That Hamilton Woman.


Number 10 does not look at all like Mr. Fairbanks, I'd sooner say it was Wallace Beery, if anybody.

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