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Flamingo Road


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I thought this sounded intriguing, so set aside my Sunday morning to watch it. And for the most part, I was not disappointed.

I love movies that show the shady, seedy side. There's Joan, lounging about in an abandoned carnival tent, singing along to the radio. Then she goes on an impromptu date with Zachery Scott to a "just folks" town diner. Gets a job there (of course) as a waitress, where (of course) she does great, better even than all the other waitresses.


Later, she gets arrested for walking home. A trumped-up charge of propositioning some man. Does if faze her? Nope, she does the 30 days in the stir like a trooper, picking up a useful job hunt tip on the way out.


I enjoyed the scenes where she and Scott go on their "dates". Joan's so obviously smarter (than the other waitresses and such) and stronger (than Scott) and more fun (than that whiney prissy rich girl Scott marries.)

This is a really typical "Joan Crawford" role, and Joan's not afraid to bite right into it. 


On the down side, I was disappointed in Zachary Scott's character, who ended up much weaker than he started out. In fact, I thought the movie did a 180 degree turn around halfway through, when David Brian comes on the scene.Not that I mind either him or his character, but I thought we were rooting for Scott ("Field Carlisle".) I thought he was going to ditch his boring wife and go back to Joan, taking a slug at Sydney Greenstreet along the way.


But she settles down with her new guy.

I find in these Joan-o-dramas, the first half of the film is often more interesting than the second half. I always like it when she's hanging out in those diners and river-bank parks much more than when she "makes it" and starts sashaying down the grand curving staircase. 

The "lower side" always seems more compelling to me than than the "upper side". At least in movies.

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I like films set in "seedy" settings too.  Sometimes it's a nice change of pace from all the opulent homes that are often shown in studio era films.  I think, depending on the storyline, it definitely adds to the realism of the film.  These make especially great settings for film noirs. 


I am disappointed that I missed this film.  After having it recommended to me in a discussion about Joan Crawford in another thread and reading the synopsis, it sounded interesting.  I saw the Gladys George SUTS schedule that TCM posted online and saw that it was going to be on at 10am.  I got up this morning, got ready for the day, all ready by 10am... only to see that Marie Antoinette was on instead.  Ugh! I forgot that TCM typically posts their schedules in EST.  I was three hours too late :(


Sounds like I missed a good film too.  I suppose I can hook my computer up to the TV and watch it on Watch TCM, or wait until it repeats again. 

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Sorry you missed it, speedracer. I'm sure it'll be on again within the year.


I owe Holdenishere an apology. Although I usually look to see first if there's a thread already existing on a film or something else I want to start a thread about, I somehow missed Holden's already existing thread on this topic.


I'm going to copy and paste my post there, and then abandon this one. Holden's was around first, and I should have noticed it.

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