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John Wayne fans I need your help


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I collect all the movies of actors I like. I have all of Steve McQueen's movies, James Cagney's movies, Bing Crosby's movies as well as others. I am up to John Wayne. I know he made over 170 movies. I would like to collect whatever is available on dvd. What sets and dvd's should I get. I would like to get sets with many of his movies instead of buying them all separate. Please help.

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I would love to help but I don't purchase movies.  I have in the past used Moviesunlimited.  As to which movies, that depends on what you like.  I enjoy The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, McKlintock and The Quiet Man off the top of my head.  He made so many - how many do you plan to purchase?

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I know there are at least three John Wayne TCM collections that have 4 movies each. You'd at least end up with twelve of his movies that way. TCM, as far as I can tell, is pretty good about not having duplicate films on multiple collections dedicated to the same actor. You could search for "John Wayne Collection" on Amazon and see all kinds of box sets. If it were me trying to collect these, the only thing I'd worry about is ending up with lots of duplicate films by buying the various boxed sets. I know for me, there are a lot of the boxed sets or TCM collections that I at first, thought I wanted, until I realized I owned 2 or more of the films included. At that point, it made more sense to buy the other films separately. Fortunately, Wayne is very popular, so I'm sure most of his films are available. You might have a harder time finding his very early roles--prior to Stagecoach. I suggest you try sources like WB Archives and other places like that to locate those films.

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There's one John Wayne movie I'm not sure has ever been released on DVD:  1958's "THE BARBARIAN AND THE GEISHA".  There's probably a few more of his movies not on disc, but that one springs to mind. 

The Barbarian And The Geisha is available as part of the 10 film DVD set John Wayne Film Collection. It doesn't seem to be available separately on DVD, but is on Bluray.

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$108 or lower if bought online
Movies included in John Wayne: The Epic Collection:
Big Stampede, Ride Him Cowboy, Haunted Gold, Telegraph Trail, Somewhere in Sonora, Man from Monterey, Allegheny Uprising
Reunion in France, Tall in the Saddle, Back to Bataan, They Were Expendable, Without Reservations, Tycoon, Fort Apache, The Three Godfathers, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
Flying Leathernecks, Operation Pacific, Big Jim McLain, Trouble Along the Way, Blood Alley, The Sea Chase, The Searchers, The Wings of Eagles, Rio Bravo
Hatari, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, How The West Was Won: Special Edition, Donovan's Reef, In Harm's Way, The Sons of Katie Elder, El Dorado, The Green Berets, True Grit
Chisum, The Cowboys: Deluxe Edition, Cahill: U.S. Marshall, The Train Robbers, McQ, The Shootist

John Wayne - John Ford Film Collection (7-Pack)
$99 or lower if bought online
The Searchers Ultimate Edition
Stagecoach Two-Disc Special Edition
Fort Apache
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
The Long Voyage Home
They Were Expendable
3 Godfathers
The Wings of Eagles)

The John Wayne Movie Collection
$31 or lower if bought online
The Big Trail
The Barbarian and the Geisha
The Horse Soldiers
North to Alaska
The Comancheros
The Longest Day
The Undefeated

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I don't know if I could DO that.  There's lots of actors and actresses I like.  But no matter HOW much I like them, I NEVER liked EVERYTHING they've ever done.  Buying copies of every movie any of them has ever made wouldn't work for me.  Same with music.


Bob Dylan was my very first musical "hero".  But, I didn't like much of his efforts between 1969-1995.  To me, Jimi Hendrix only put out FOUR LPs.   Anything that was released AFTER he died was never worth the time.  Same goes for several others.



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Considering  the huge amount of movies that the "Duke" made during his career  I would say that it would be good to invest in a quality DVD recorder and capture many of his films as they are broadcast on stations like TCM (commercial free hopefully).  We all know that many  of his films get broadcast regularly (which begs the question of why bother having them in a stored collection?)   Several of his more famous films that are available on DVD may have good audio commentary tracks (I am always motivated to purchase those films) and I would spend my money on those. But of course if money is not an issue start with a complete listing of Wayne's films (check imdb entry) and go down the list looking up the ones you need to complete your library. I have to believe that just about all of the Wayne films are out there in some form or another.  Good luck.

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Thanks to all. I just purchased 108 of his movies on vhs for a good price. The tapes are in great shape many like new. I normally buy dvds instead but to get this many movies on dvd would take more money and more time. Many of the titles were not released on dvd yet.

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