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French comedy film (Solved)


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Please help me with another quarry, this one is bugging me a lot because I thought I'd be able to find it, but after looking and looking and turning up nothing I have to ask you guys again.


Now, I say it's French, but after using that as a keyword and getting no results I'm started to question that that's really the country it's from, though I was fairly certain.


It's a film I saw on TCM within the past 2 or 3 years, and I think I saw it on an evening that they were featuring this filmmaker exclusively.


It was about a man who becomes obsessed with a famous singer after seeing her on television. He cuts her picture out of magazines, he buys posters, cardboard cut-outs, and her image is pasted all over the walls to his room. The whole film is leading up to his encounter with this woman, and he finally gets to meet her backstage somewhere.


This is how it ends- He meets her and before they can exchange many words, she refers to her son in another room. Her son is a grown man, and our hero becomes rather disillusioned. One of the final scenes of the films shows him burning all of his pictures of her on a bonfire in his yard.


I seem to recall looking this filmmaker up at the time, and that's where I believe I heard he was influenced by Buster Keaton (though I know it wasn't Jacques Tati). I'm not even sure of that anymore.



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