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My struggle


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Well, here I am with a 10 year old dell dimension 3000 that refuses to kick off. Actually it's a good machine. Got it fitted with a soundblaster live 24-bit sound card and a firewire card but of course a dinosaur is still a dinosaur. No gamer would want my clunker. Has the old integrated intel extreme graphics 2. Not to be confused with simply intel extreme graphics. intel extreme graphics has video memory of 64 mb but 2 has 96 mb...but of course it all comes outta your ram. Never a serious impediment for me as all I ever wanted to do was look at video clips and the like and integrated graphics is all you really need for that even today. I ain't a-gonna buy anything new until my dinosaur hits the tar pits which it refuses to do. If it just continues on I will just have to improvise OS-wise. even with proper ram xp is still just too dam slow. So whatta ya do? Over the years I burned to disc quite a number of modified and or stripped down versions of xp and even vista. Had sone of the early release candidates of vista and boy were they gunky. All that time that ms took honing a lemon. Cute. by far your best post-xp OS is windows server 2003 which vista is based on..Server 2003 is smaller and requires much less ram than vista so that mother can really fly. Vista could fly too but with far less alacrity given all that screwed up security bs. The big problem with my old clunker is that the integrated graphics can't be supported for anything past vista. So whatta ya gonna do? Windows 7 is just a modified version of vista so screw that and this windows 8 and 8.1 crap is for the touchscreen ipod ipad iphone gamer crowd...so screw that too. I do like windows 7's nice blue-ish gui though but making xp look like 7 will only go so far with me because xp is blanking too slow. Unfortunately, the stripped down xp/vista days are gone and that boat has long since sailed into torrent deadness. You're lucky if you can find something on file hosting and usenet is a bust too and I impulsively threw out all my old discs. Kept some, mostly xp. Scrounged on google some and happily found something. a TinyVista iso. That'll due. Won't use it until the current xp runnin' on my clunker gets cute. just imagine how swift todays PCs and laptops would perform with stripped down versions of xp or vista? xp no longer supported. Hey, if someone comes up with somethin' to get into your machine it ain't a-gonna matter what OS or how new it is. It's your browsers you gotta worry about. Forget about IE. Hey, they're gonna rename it. what for? a bad kumquat is a bad kumquat. So there you have my long term strategy. To keep kickin' along with my old clunker until time itself comes to an end. Can't really upgrade my ram because them old Dimms are too scarce plus my clunker only had two dimm slots to begin with courtesy of the long term strategy of dell but hey, stability. Those cutesy-utesy dell guys did achieve that. I did upgrade my ram once from 512 mb to 1 gb. still have those two 256 mb dimms I do but unless the advent of usb external dimm slot peripherals is at hand...  believe it or not there are even more pitiful slobs than me usin' even more antiquated equipment than I. We're the proud older echelon. like an old dew line of pc users. call us..the infrequentors. those who rather infrequently upgrade or update their stuff. it doan madder. I gots what I needs.


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