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checkAuthZ timeout error


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I have not been able to watch TCM On Demand on my computer for the last couple weeks.  It sits for 30 seconds or so, then pops up a box that says "checkAuthZ timeout".  It happens on both the Chrome and Firefox browsers, and on all movies.


This only happens when I try to watch via the PC browser.  The Android app still works fine on my tablet, but I would rather watch these movies on my PC's larger screen.


I have an Xfinity account, the same as another user who complained about the checkAuthZ error.  Just a guess, maybe your programmers are querying Comcast for authorization, and aren't allowing enough time?  Or not querying the right place?  As I said, the tablet app works fine, so I know I'm giving a valid account ID.




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Would you please give us some more information so we can try and replicate this better:


Time of day when this is occurring

Is it occurring consistently.

Is it only happening with certain movies?


If the auth process takes too much time, over 20 seconds w/o completing, we'd recommend you close the window and try again.


Until resolved, we'd also recommend using another browser.

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Since the problem started on Thursday I've attempted to use Watch TCM at various times of day, and I've tried several different movies, but this checkAuthZ timeout issue is happening consistently.


When you say use another browser, you mean access Watch TCM via Internet Explorer, or something like that? I use Google Chrome for everything else, and -- up until a few days ago -- it was fine for Watch TCM. Why has the situation changed?

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I have also been experiencing this problem using Google Chrome. I get the timeout at all times of day and haven't been able to watch a movie On Demand using Chrome for several months (it did work at one point–maybe last winter or spring is the last time I remember using it successfully). I use AT&T U-verse and am on a MacBook Pro running OSX 10.9.4.


The livestream works 100% of the time on the sidebar of TCM.com. I have much less success getting it to work from the link on Watch TCM, although it does work occassionally if I refresh the page enough times.


I uploaded a gallery of screenshots to show exactly what happens step-by-step.


I've never had a problem with Watch TCM using Firefox, but as a Chromecast user I'm anxious for the service to work on Chrome again.

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Same problem as loafuer describes -- just can't watch TCM on-demand movies in Chrome.  (Actually I believe it worked once briefly in Chrome two days ago, out of about 20 attempts covering all times of day.)


We are Dish Network subscribers, for what it is worth.  Also, we are running Windows 8.  But from the sound of it in another thread, it's not related to our system or login:



Would love to be able to use our new Chromecast!

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i just got this exact error message using GoogleChrome. I had to quit the browser and i was then able to get the movie to play. I had previously watched a movie no trouble in chrome. never got this error in FF. Or,not yet.  I tend to like chrome better these days. when i quit chrome browser after not being able to get a movie to play and getting above error msg each time, i cleared out the cache and removed all the cookies that chrome always stores up. maybe that helped too.. i ran superantispyware free ware

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