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Mr. Gorman

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Here is my small collection of VHS tapes from 'Something Weird Video'.  I should have bought more of their titles before they stopped selling them on VHS in early 2011 but, alas, I did not.  I bought 'new' all but two of the movies listed; one I bought used and the other tape someone gave me for some reason or other. 


 1 - Murder In Mississippi (1965-B/W)  'Untamed Video'

 2 - Teenage Psycho Killer (1970-Canadian)  'Untamed Video' 

 3 - Up Your Teddy Bear (1970)  Wally Cox, Julie Newmar, Victor Buono

 4 - This Is Not A Test (1962-B/W)  Runs approx. 60 minutes

 5 - Swamp of the Ravens (1974)

 6 - Summer of '69 (1969)

 7 - Saturday Night Bath in Apple Valley (1965-B/W)  Filmed in the California desert

 8 - Roseland (1970)

 9 - Road of Death (1973)  Filmed in Florida 

10 - Night of the Cat, The (1973)  Filmed in Charlotte, NC

11 - Naked Zoo, The (1969)  a William Grefè film; shot in Florida

12 - Mr. Angel (1966)  Filmed in Florida

13 - Love Truck (1973) (aka:  "Blue Summer")  a Chuck Vincent film

14 - Love Blackmailer, The (1966-B/W-Canadian) (aka:  "Adulterous Affair")

15 - House of Hookers (1970-UK)

16 - Honeymoon of Horror (1964)  Filmed in Florida

17 - Girls From Thunder Strip, The (1966) 

18 - Ghetto Freaks (1970) (aka:  "Love Commune")  Filmed in Cleveland, OH

19 - Gabriella, Gabriella (1970)  Later partially re-filmed and released as 'Class of '74'

20 - Erika's Hot Summer (1970)  Erica Gavin

21 - Bushwhacker, The (1968)

22 - Crypt of Dark Secrets (1976)  Filmed in Louisiana, USA

23 - Satan's Children (1974)  Filmed in the Tampa Bay area of Florida

24 - Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)  ► This movie is delirious

25 - Guess What Happened to Count Dracula? (1970)

26 - Evil Come, Evil Go (1972)  Un-cut Version / bought used

27 - Electric Chair, The (1972)  Not released 'til '75

28 - Naked Witch, The (1961)  Filmed in Texas

29 - Caged Virgins (1972)  Someone gave this SWV tape to me. 


     A few of these movies are halfway decent if you're looking to watch something akin to a good movie (like THE LOVE BLACKMAILER) and 'LOVE TRUCK' will take you back to the old-time feeling of taking a '70s road trip in a van with 8-Track tapes blaring out the speakers. 


SUMMER OF '69 may be the cheapest movie I've ever seen.  It barely qualifies as a 'movie'.  Shot silent with terrible voiceover narration.  Still, I'm glad I bought it.  SWV no longer offers this movie for sale; maybe the rights expired or perhaps the film print they were using disintegrated!  It's only 55 minutes and then Something Weird added a bunch of short subjects and trailers. 


THE NIGHT OF THE CAT (1973)  You must see this awful and simplistic movie at least once if you're a 'Bad Movie Aficionado'.  A cinematic monstrosity that needs to be seen by the masses for absolutely no good reason! 


ROAD OF DEATH (1973)  To describe what little plot there is would do a grave disservice to this masterpiece of Z-Grade Drive-In Cinema yet it's a story that must be told!  This movie was actually submitted to the MPAA and received an [R].  I was shocked when the movie ended and the blue screen appeared with the rating.  This is so low-budget I figured the filmmakers wouldn't have even bothered to submit it to the MPAA board.  Wow.   


SATAN'S CHILDREN (1974) are devil-worshippers who dig volleyball.  Dig the old-timey Florida scenery.


SATURDAY NIGHT BATH IN APPLE VALLEY (1965) If anyone out there likes truly un-funny comedies you've struck gold with this atrocious movie.  You'd be lucky to laugh 1 time should you dare view this. 

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Not from the collection you refer to but weird, I mean out there.


"It Lives Again' (1978)...mutated homicidal infants


"The Alien Factor" (1978).... Intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth.


"Swamp Thing" (1982) .....Well it is.


"L'Age d'Or 'or The Golden Age (1930)...surreal movie is too surreal.


"Aurora Encounter" (1986)..... ET meets Little House and a drunk. 


"Alice" (2009)....I wouldn't call it Wonderland


"Altered States" (1980) .....Being isolated changes you - literally.


"9"  (2009)....a rag doll movie.


"Starman" - Japanese super hero series.



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All weird movies are welcome.  :)


I've got a tape of 'THE ALIEN FACTOR', but haven't yet got 'round to watching it. 


I've seen IT'S ALIVE three times, but I've not seen 'IT LIVES AGAIN'.  Reckon I'll have to check it out one o'these days.  So many movies . . . and only 24 hours in a day. 

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Well some of my favorite DVDs are from the Something Weird people- "They're dirty....DIRTY!"


My local used media store Soundgarden once had an entire display of these priced at 2/$10. Many are double features too. Obviously someone collected them all and sold them to the store. (after either duping them, or dying) I carefully chose like 3 titles and regretfully left the rest. Went back a few weeks later and they were gone.


A former bf who has more money than God bought all the rest unbeknownst to me. A few years later we bumped into each other and he said, "I have a bunch of exploitation DVDs...you want 'em?" YES. So a week later a big box showed up on my porch. I'm watching them one by one and deciding what to keep and reselling the rest.



The Acid Eaters & Weed

Bettie Page Teaserama

Damaged Goods & The Hard Road

Maniac & Narcotic

Touch of Her Flesh & Curse of Her Flesh & Kiss of Her Flesh


What about Mondo Macabra DVDs? They are pretty cool too. My favorite is a Bollywood Horror double feature Bandh Darwaza & Purana Mandir. It has everything you want in horror films-cute scantily clad heroine, vampires, blood, angry mob with torches, etc. Oh yeah and songs!

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All weird movies are welcome.  :)


I've got a tape of 'THE ALIEN FACTOR', but haven't yet got 'round to watching it. 


I've seen IT'S ALIVE three times, but I've not seen 'IT LIVES AGAIN'.  Reckon I'll have to check it out one o'these days.  So many movies . . . and only 24 hours in a day. 


"Heavy Metal" (1981)....producer must been on acid while writing the script.


"The Dark Crystal" (1982)....muppets in lala land


"The Story of Menstruation" (1946)....Walt Disney got into the birds and the bees. (unknown how much hate mail Walt received, lol)


"Bimbo's Initiation" (1931)....it's torture to get into Betty Boop's lair.


TV animation..."Drawn Together"....weird but funny satire of cartoon classics



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I've never heard of most( or ALL) of the movies listed, but some of them sound like fun.


I WAS drawn to Hamradio bringing up the "Starman" Japanese movies.   When I worked the afternoon shift at Cadillac, either they or Charlie Chan would be the only thing on TV when I got home from work at 1:00am.  At least back in '71


Those things tickled the hell out of me....I just HAD to see what they did with the whole thing when that JEFF BRIDGES movie came out in '84!



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Satan In High Heels (1962) Fetish Noir


Directed by Jerald Intrator, Starring Meg Myles (The Phenix City Story (1955)), Grayson Hall (Night of The Iguana (1964), (Dark Shadows TV), Del Tenney, Mike Keene, Robert Yuro, Sabrina. Called a 1962 American "sexploitation film" it's actually a curiously well enough done and very film noir-ish in spots especially the opening intro carnival sequence which will remind you of Nightmare Alley. 

The story starts off at a sleazy carnival burlesque show where carnival stripper, Stacey (Meg Myles), has a confrontation with her junkie ex-husband in a dressing room strung with lingerie, he says he's off the horse and has a roll of money to prove it. She steals the $900 from him and flies off to New York City. She picks up a mark on the plane and bounces him for the connections he has to New York night life, which she parlays into a shot at a cabaret act. She plays footsie with the lesbian club manager Pepe (Hall) and gets the spot, but she wants more. She strings along the club owner who sets her up in a fancy apartment, but she falls for the owner's son. When her desperate ex-husband finally tracks her down, she manipulates him, plotting a way to get to kill two birds with one stone to get what she wants.

The Carnival Sequence:

Myles & carny barker

Myles in undie strung dressing room

Myles with junkie ex hubby

For reference on carney strip shows check out the noir-ly photographed Carnival Strippers by Susan Mieselas:

Myles has a great singing voice and she really impresses in her audition number. The club sequence was filmed at New York's old La Martinique cabaret which from the bearings I get (from some of the outside the entrance location shots) seems to be someplace on the Upper East Side, I think I see Central Park in the bg or it could be down in the village and that may be Washington Square. 

Grayson Hall as PePe

Hall & Myles

British export sex bomb Sabrina - In 1957, her 41-inch breasts were insured for £125,000.

This film captures a strange period in the US where sex was nuking the restraints it was placed under thirty years before by the Legion of Decency, Breen and the Hays Code, it worships at a way way over the top breast, a$$, and leather fetish altar, hell, even the late 50s early 60s cars are photographed as sex objects. It taps in this weird sexual Zietgiest that prevailed in an atmosphere of impending nuclear annihilation. This film plays like a John Waters/Devine wet dream its fun & entertaining enough, the DVD is excellent, better than some of the screen caps found on the web above, available from Something Wild, Noir on the fringe 6.5/10
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