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Watch for HBO's "A Father, A Son"-(Kirk & *Michael Douglas)


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It's probably not a great idea to give a plug on here

to another network-(however, TCM is confident enough probably & being the finest, it has nothing to worry about Actually, this special woulda' been great for this station!)


HBO is airing a special-(check listings) "A Father, A Son" Kirk Douglas-(1916-) & his 2 time OSCAR winning son: *Michael-(1944-) are doing this special together

It's on in August, so I thought I should tip others ahead of time


Other then that, I don't know much about the special(yet?)


There is an ok picture the 2 were finally able to appear-in together.

For fans of either star>2003's "It Runs in the Family" (**1/2-out of four) It hardly took in any doe & is barely known by the masses?

However, it had a few worthwhile scenes & should at least be checked-out. Peter Douglas-(Michael's son) also co-stars


Thank You

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This 1 surprised me!? Given how many fans on here there are of Kirk Douglas? & I suspect, quite few of *Michael as well-(he seems to be among a handful of male stars in this era, that are somewhat of a throwback to "Hollywoods Golden Age" I say, somewhat though.

Along with: Harrison Ford-(1942-)-(TRIVIA/FACTOID: NATO voted Ford all-time Box-0ffice Champion, in a 1994 poll)

I was surprised & still am,, considering *"Duke" Wayne & his 48yrs & a record-(according to "Guinness") of most starring roles, at 154!


But, Ford, *Tom Hanks & to some degree *Michael, seem closest to the "HEROES" of that glorious era.-(although *Michael has played a few villians of course. Something *Jimmy Stewart & *Wayne, said they would never do & for the most pt. stuck to-it.)


As for the almost 90yr old Kirk, he was ranked #17th by AFI, in it's 1999 "AFI's 100yrs...100 Stars"-(just 2 notches above his great pal & 7 time co-star: *Lancaster)


I don't have details on this special as yet. It may be 2 hours?


Anyway, don't forget to come right back to TCM after


(CORRECTION: In "Now Playing" I 1st & foremost wanted to give ****-stars! To the tidbits & trivia that was placed with each "Star"-(you guys always do such a marvelous job!)

& the heights of each "Star" as well, was something different. & it's always been a running joke with Kirk Douglas & when the ladies meet him, he was shorter than they expected. So much so, that on a great late 1970's "SNL" he parodied this entire image. He was hosting & a lady fan came back to his dressing room & he was literally doing a *Jose Ferrer a la "Mpulin Rouge" bit. In essence, walking around on his knees, but it was covered by his robe. A hilarious skit!


& "NP" listed him as being 5'9. However, he was mostly noted to be barely 5'11-(& of course, unfortunately us human beings do shrink)


Perfect example is> *Cagney, of whom was 5'6 during his prime. By the time he returned after a 20yr absence in 1981's grand "Ragtime" *Jim, was barely 5'3-(when he could stand)


Great going on those stats though!


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