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What's wrong With The TCMDB?


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I can't do a search for a movie. Each time I tap "search", it just goes to another page and says to enter a search term....


Any one else?

Same here. I've been fighting all the different Search functions here since the upgrade - with not much luck.


I'm using Google Chrome (if that's relevant). I have to go to the Message Boards main page (where all the Forums are listed) and use the Search bar from there. For some reason, it works the first time from there, but not from other pages. Using the Search bar from this page, for example, returns an empty page as you noted, re-entering it there (the second time) should produce the desired results.


Searching the Message Boards for matches is yet another, nearly impossible task altogether. When you do get results there, clicking on them throws you into an endless loop where the target's matching page just endlessly tries to load itself - ad infinitum. You can click the X to stop it, but you will never be able to find where in that topic or thread your match is - this is the most frustrating thing here.


Well.. you asked


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I believe that I have never seen the search box on forum pages work as it should.


The database search works as expected when used from the database page. It is at:



It can be reached by clicking on: "TCMDB" which is in the line at the top of the page which begins with the TCM logo and then is a horizontal menu: "Watch TCM," "Schedule," "Month Highlights," "Community," "TCMDB," "Blog," "Magazine" and "Shop." You then select: "Database Home" from the two-item drop-down men.


The search box on that page which has worked consistently for me is not the one at the top. It is the one under the image of the bus and is directly under the words: "Search Today!"

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Guest TCMModerator1

For searching via the TCMDB, are you going to the top of the forum page (or any TCM page) and using the Search box?  If so, I believe the default search is TCMDb, but you can switch between that and Site or Shop.   You can also go directly to the TCMDB link to the right of the Community link of any page.  When I use either of those I can get a result, no empty boxes.


For example, if I type in: thin man (I don't even have to capitalize it) it take me to the"Thin Man" results, which is at least 10 pages:  http://www.tcm.com/search/?text=thin%20man&type=allSite


If I am not understanding the issue, please attach some screenshots of what you are seeing (and not seeing), along with the browser you are using and we will try and recreate the issue.



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I really do not understand why some people are having problems searching. As has been explained by others, the simplest way to perform a search is to go up to the top menu bar where it says:




Click on the TCMDB and select Database Movies. This then takes you to another window where at the top is a search window. Be sure to select ALL. Type in your inquiry and hit SEARCH. What happens next is several pages of articles related to what you search pops up.


This is what happened when I typed in The China Syndrome. See my screen shot. So I still do not understand why people are having problems with this.


As far as the film being shown again, I am not really sure that info will be found during a search. Your best bet is to check the online schedule each month to see if it is there. The only other option you have is to see if the film is available for rent at your local video store, library, on YouTube, NetFlix, HULU or any other downloading service. Of course if you are really interested in the film you could always buy the film.



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As far as the film being shown again, I am not really sure that info will be found during a search. 


Appearance on a schedule is shown on the movie's database page. It is directly under the movie's title and is for all months for which there exists a schedule. A nice aspect is that the listing will appear even a few days prior to the schedule being released. 


I am sorry to have to say that: The China Syndrome (1979) does not appear to be on any schedule through November.

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I hope I'm not insulting anyone by saying that for schedule information you can avoid the TCM search boxes altogether and just use the Google search built into the browser.


If you go to Google search and look for


<Movie title> TCM


You will get a "TCM Overview" link at or near the top that you can click on.


Clicking on the TCM Overview link takes you to the main page for the movie where the upcoming showings are listed at the top, if there are any.


For example, in Google search for "China Syndrome TCM" to get a link for The China Syndrome.  This gives you the Overview- TCM.com link at the top:




where you can see that currently there are no showings listed for The China Syndrome.


For those new to this, If there are showings scheduled they will be listed at the top immediately below the title of the movie being shown with the large typeface.  Sometimes there are multiple showings, in which case you click on the "MORE" arrows to scroll through the listings.  The current page for It Happened One Night shows an example of multiple listings:




One nice thing about the Google search method is that it can give you the Overview link for a movie even during the occasional times when the TCM search engine is down.

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Reviving this thread to mention a problem I found recently with the DB:


After watching a Garbo documentary this week I went to check the TCM data base entries for some of her titles, when I discovered that the main entry for Two-Faced Woman (1941) seems to have disappeared.  I also went to the biography entries for Greta Garbo and Melvyn Douglas, but the movie is no longer listed in the filmography for either actor.


Anyone happen to know if there is a standard way to report such issues in the data base?

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