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For the Moderator, re the Suggest a movie list

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Hello Moderator,  Has anyone at TCM looked at the 'Suggest a Movie' list in the last 4 months?  If so, you will see that it is overrun with SPAM each and every day.  The SPAM takes the form of inane web site addresses for online shopping.  My question to you is, can this not be deleted or even blocked from this list?  It hasn't hit the general discussion site after all.

Another 'Suggest a Movie' fan even volunteered her services to moderate this list and cull it of SPAM.

I have written to TCM directly about it but have heard nothing back and of course nothing has changed.

This also makes me wonder if anyone at TCM actually looks at the list anyway.  I get the feeling it is sort of like praying to a God who isn't really there.

If anyone at TCM did in fact look at the list I'm sure they would be overcome with nausea having to wade through so much shopping SPAM.

The inundation of the SPAM actually blocks one from using the list until the Spammer is finished.

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Can the 'team' be given any expert assistance?  You should see the SPAM attack this morning, Oct. 4!  There is virtually nothing left of this list but SPAM.  It has been months and months now.

i have written to TCM directly and other than yourself there has been no response whatsoever to this problem.

Were you just assuming that 'they' were going to fix this problem or do you have some sort of communication with the people that run this list?

It makes me think that this list is not to be taken seriously at all.

Many thanks.

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