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problems with TCM On Demand (cable)


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Hi, this is my first post and i hope that i've placed this query in the right section so that i can get some clarification.


I'm a huge fan of TCM and in addition to watching the live channel i regularly peruse through the TCM On Demand schedule of movies that are held over for repeat viewing for about 5 or so days after appearing on the network. Usually this is anywhere from 10-15 movies with regular turnover as older hold-overs expire and are replaced by more recently aired ones. Unfortunately, for the past week and a half, no new movies have been added at all as the previous ones expired, and even more headscratchingly, the final batch of movies that were scheduled to expire ("The Juggler", "The Pawnbroker", and "Roseanna McCoy") have been extended TWICE (the latest being extended from the 19th to the 25th). I searched online and came across somebody else with the exact issue as myself:




and like her the cable provider in my case IS Cablevision (a little ominous). Can anybody - maybe even an official TCM source - shed any light on this? I feel like i'm missing the chance to catch some great movies i might i have otherwise missed during their regular airing (for instance i fell asleep halfway through "Hill 24 Doesn't Answer" and would be GUTTED if that movie had been held over.)


And while i'm here, i wonder if there is ANY way/schedule to predict in advance WHICH movies WILL be held over in the TV On Demand lineup in a given week? (yes i'm aware of the awesome online On Demand feature but i'm not in a position to use it, since i am not the primary account holder). It would be great to somehow know in advance what was being held-over and what wasn't and be able to plan my viewing accordingly.


I hope somebody can help me out.

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