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Red Carpet Questions


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Hi all, trying to decide between a Classic pass (had last year, first time at TCMFF) and an Essential pass. Seems like the real difference is the extra screening and walking the red carpet. In my mind, the extra screening is something of a crap shoot. Could be something that is a total must-see or it could be something I feel fairly ambivalent about. Last year, it was Oklahoma, and fell somewhere in the middle. I like Oklahoma, but I was just as happy seeing, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. Since you don't know what the film is at the time passes go on sale, I kind of have to ignore the screening itself and say it's all about the red carpet. Personally, I like the idea of getting all dressed up for it.


For those who have done it in years past, how was it? Was it worth it? Did you think it was going to be no big deal, but it turned out to be awesome? tThat sort of thing.


Finally, a logistical question, I'm traveling by myself. Do they pair you up with someone or do you go by yourself? Seems odd to walk it alone. Who knows, I probably know someone I could pair up with.


Please let me know what you think?

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roadrdr6ddd, when you get ready to walk the Red Carpet, you can go in a group with some of your friends, or stroll all by yourself if you want! There are no set rules for passholders walking the Red Carpet to the Gala Premiere on Thursday, unless it's "Keep Smiling."


And a white dinner jacket will be nice. You'll look suave and sophisticated. :-)

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