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Help with a couple of movie titles?


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Hi.  I've read some of the threads featuring assistance people have received here getting titles to movies that they only have vague recollections and descriptions of.  Some obscure and some not-so-much.  Very impressive.  I have a couple of pretty vague ones myself that I appeal to these well-spoken intellectual regulars here for help with more of the same :^)


Earlier in the year, just before its incredibly long held-up home video release, I found out that I wasn't crazy, and there really was a remake of "Wages of Fear" in the '70s.  I had seen it originally at the drive-in when I was about 6.  Tracking it down and seeing it again brought it all back, and I certainly was not disappointed in the film itself.   It was soooo satisfying filling that void and making those fleeting memories make sense.  I doubt these two will measure up to "Sorcerer" if they are identified. That doesn't matter.  It's the making sense of foggy memories that is my real relief.  Sorry for the long-windiness.  I'll try to make the rest brief.  They are vague memories after all ;^)  


The first one is incredibly vague, yet it still bugs me enough to ask. I saw this in the mid '70s. It was an action/adventure film whereby the hero ends up with a huge pile of cash at the end and gets away from his pursuers on foot in a big city.  The scene I remember near the end, has the hero jump on a streetcar full of commuters (maybe San Fran?) with a huge fistful of cash very openly unconcealed that has everyone on the streetcar rabble about how much cash he has.  "OMG, lookit all that money he has..." etc. Anyone remember that scene?


The next film is from the same period and I guess it is close to as brief a description.  Also a pursuit of instant wealth.  Not sure of the circumstances, but three protagonists must reach a destination. Two men and a woman.  The woman is in a white evening dress (I think) and my memories suggest that she joined the adventure late and her attire is not perfect for hasty travel.  She is beautiful and falls in shallow water at one point and looks humina humina shwing when she stands up enough to remember if seen as an adult, surely.  One of the guys keeps talking about a used ship he wants to buy if they make it.  They make it, get paid huge, and he gets his ship.  I think the other guy gets the girl.  This one might be a late '70s film.  Not sure where I saw it positively.


I presume these are likely not great films.  I am trying to build a collection and have searched endless lists of great movies to build that collection, and to try to find these last two brain-pests of mine. I appeal to the genius of the local film historians, whose knowledge has impressed me enough in other posts, that even if my questions aren't answered, I won't recant that respect  :^)


Have a good one.

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