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Interesting Question.....


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WOW! What a loaded question! Mine would all be male - and not for the reason you're thinking. Well, not ALL anyway. *grin*


1) Claude Rains - since I've always thought of him as the father I wish I'd had, he could sleep anywhere or do anything he darn well pleased - and bring any lady he liked to do it with hehe


2) Definately all the gangsters - whether it would be one at a time or all together is another question - that would be the problem. Cagney, Raft, Bogie, Muni, Robinson, Lorre, Greenstreet. Lorre and Greenstreet would have to be there at the same time. Cagney and Raft could sleep 'anywhere' they wanted. hehe


3) Orson Welles, Robert Montgomery, William Powell, John Garfield


4) Errol Flynn, Tyrone Power - and I ain't telling where they'd be sleeping. lol


Yep, I know I'm "over-drawn" but I dunno if I can get it down any lower. I guess if I "had to" I'd leave out Greenstreet, Robinson, Welles and Montgomery in that order - but it's my fantasy so I get 14. lol Now I'm going before I think of 12 more.

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I'd invite Orson Welles to find out exactly how the studios butchered his movies and what was his real vision behind each movie. I think he'd enjoy staying with me as I am an excellent cook.


Next I'd invite Fred Astaire and take him down Picadilly, The Ritz, Burlington Arcade, the works. This is where he loved to shop when in London. He could give his perspective on how much London had changed since his heyday.


Bette Davis would be next guest at my home. My husband can't stand her, I'd love to annoy him and let this lady **** her way through the long weekend with us.


Joan Crawford would be the ultimate guest though, perhaps she could teach me how to scrub my kitchen floor properly. Hell, I'd let her clean my whole house. Afterwards we'd go shopping at Harrods followed by the cocktails at The Lobby Bar@One Aldwych.


I could only have one guest at a time, since I only have one guest room.

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Cary Grant

Natalie Wood

Robert Mitchum

James Dean

Marion Davies

Bogey and Bacall (They count as one, right? Hehe)

Katherine Hepburn

Charlie Chaplin

Peter Lorre

Bob Hope


...And everyone can sleep where they darn well please. :o)


A really interesting dinner party would include some feuds though...Davis and Crawford...Fontaine and De Havilland...Talk about some fireworks!!

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Who would I invite! I don't think I could ever just choose ten!


In no particular order....


Jean Arthur

Marlene Dietrich

Doris Day

William Powell

Cary Grant

Alfred Hitchcock

Claudette Colbert

Dorothy McGuire

Charles Boyer

Fred and Ginger


Then, I would probably start all over the next month and have a whole new group of guests arrive. I might even go into certain themes. It would be fun to have a murder mystery theme and invite like, William Powell and Myrna Loy, ect.

I would have way too much fun!




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This reminds me of the story, "The Monkeys Paw". I wouldn't invite or wish anyone dead to show up at my door because they would stink the house up and they wouldn't want to be brought back anyway so they would be very upset! My second wish would be to wish them away. I would only have one wish left and it would be to have every movie made that is lost delivered to me on a regular bases by snail mail.

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Wow, great answers. My list of invitees would be:


Marlon Brando - of course he can share the bedroom (LOL)


Paul Newman - if Brando can't make it than Paul can be int he bedroom


Vivien Leigh - in the living room


Bette Davis - in the kitchen - it would be interesting to see what food she'll prepare.


Joan Crawford - maybe she can help Bette Davis in the kitchen


James Cagney - in the attic - why not?


Humphrey Bogart - in the basement - don't want Cagney and Bogart too close.


James Stewart - in the living room with Vivien Leigh


Clarke Gable - in the hallway - not too far from Vivien Leigh


James Dean - in the bathroom - don't know why.

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WOW I love this question. Now, this is assuming I have a home large enough to accommodate them. I love one of the other posts "I don't have room for ten extra guests." Let's say I do.


I'd invite:


Katharine Hepburn, Gene Tierney, Orson Welles, Cary Grant, Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, Norma Shearer, Bette Davis, Robert Mitchum, and Tyrone Power.


I don't give a hang where any of them sleep except for Power. He's with me.

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My guests would be


Doris Day

Claudette Colbert

Meg Ryan

Myrna Loy

Meryl Streep

Reese Witherspoon

Ashley Judd

Deborah Kerr

Judy Garland

Glenn Close


We'd all have a slumber party in my room, doing makeovers, hair, and nails and eating whatever actresses eat when they are pigging out!

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Wow, what a treat!


A young Bing Crosby would sing to me all night long until I fall asleep. The other 9 would be as follows:


Fred Astaire will teach me the two-step and perhaps to rhumba AND tango after supper.


Gene Kelly can help out Fred Astaire


Robert Taylor, to look at, like a painting in the living room


Errol Flynn, another painting to look at. He has to be dressed in pirate attire.


Paul Newman


Cary Grant


Cyd Charisse, so graceful.


Katharine Hepburn, she's intense


Barbara Stanwyck, she's cool

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The Monkey's Paw reference was a good point. However, if I could invite dead (and a couple of living) stars the way they looked in their primes from the 1950s, the list would be:


Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Sammy Davis Jr.

Jerry Lewis

Robert Mitchum

William Holden

Shirley Maclaine

John Wayne

Don Rickles

Grace Kelly


I think the booze bill would wipe out my bank account.

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