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Paltrow as Dietrich

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I read a couple of months ago that Gwyneth Paltrow is preparing to play Marlene Dietrich in the upcoming movie based on Deitrich's life.

Now, I don't know about you, but I just can't see it. Gwyneth as Marlene...what a joke. I don't think she'll be able to pull it off.

She is just to weak and willowy, while Marlene definitely had a masculine side to her.

I wonder who will direct this movie. Does anyone have more info?

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Back in 2004 the idea came up but no time frame was set and no director was picked. I read that Marlene Dietrich's relatives actually applaud the idea of Gweneth Paltrow playing the role. I don't think it will end up being made, but then again you never know.


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Uma Thurman might have worked for one reason, and that was because Louis Malle was to direct the film. His illness and subsequent death cancelled the project.


But Gwyneth Paltrow as Marlene Dietrich? I shudder at the thought of which of today's actors will play Dietrich's lovers and co-stars.


However I agree if it has to be made at all, a European actress and director might be able to pull it off.


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Hi, everyone:


Why, I thought Gwyneth was going to devote herself to the "Apple of Her Eye" and not work. I mean, she was condemning all the working moms out there. I mean, "How can they leave their kids. My mom gave up great movie roles for me." Like what, is my response.


I just cannnot stand these self-absorbed little twit movie stars (SALTs for short) who want to tell everyone else how to live their life. My god, she must have enough money to retire on. Considering the majority of her films were bombs, it's amazing she even still has a career.'


I used to like Paltrow, especially in "Emma" and the film she won the Oscar for. But, since that time, with the exception of "Ripley" movie, her movies have been dogs. She has just gotten so full of herself.


Frankly, I can see Uma Thurman playing Dietrich more than Paltrow, although I cannot imagine either actress capturing the allure of Dietrich. I mean, at least Uma is German. You need someone with a forecful personality, not some wishy-washy girl like Gwyneth.


As for the kind of movie they will put out, think to the last big-screen biography out there, at least that I can remember. I'm not talking about Ray, either. I'm talking about Golden age celebrities. Remember that awful film from 1977, "Gable and Lombard," which everyone stayed away from. Well, when you have James Brolin playing Clark Gable, what do you expect. Then you have Jill Clayburgh (usually a very good actress) playing Carole as a foul-mouth, spoiled brat, with none of the warmth, charm, caring, or charisma the original we all know and love had.


Well, that was 1977! Can you imagine what they would do today. I'm sure they would have one, long, bit of amore, if you know what I mean, in very explicit detail. I want to keep this PG.


Well, for one, I'll be staying way. I know usually that if a critic likes it, I won't.


Take care.



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I take it you don't approve of Gwyneth, Deborah. I couldn't have said it better. SALTs, that's hilarious. I think moviemakers should avoid bio-pics at all cost. You're right, Gable and Lombard proved that. What's more unfortunate about that film is its availability on DVD from Universal when, apart from one bad Shirley Temple film, nothing else of Lombard's work that Universal holds the rights to has been issued. That burns me up. Same with Dietrich. No one can replace Lombard, Jill Clayburgh proved that and no one can replace Dietrich so, as I wrote before, I hope it's left at that.


Did you ever see that TV movie about Thelma Todd with Loni Anderson? Or the one about Rita Hayworth with Lynda Carter? Or the film version of Flynn's autobiography with Duncan Regehr? Point made.

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I saw that article just recently and was appalled even though it was a year old. Paltrow as Dietrich? No way. I don't think Paltrow can pull it off--you're right, whoever said it, she's missing that masculine, exotic quality. Uma Thurman might have been able to do it--she's got that sort of exotic thing going at least.

And another thing--it is to be based on Maria Riva's bio and given the contents of that, it would probably turn out to be practically a soft-porn flick...though I found the Riva bio interesting, especially her re-creations of her conversations with her mother--some of them were hilarious--I think she is/was a little too interested in her mother's sex life. (I mean, honestly, even if your mom was Marlene Dietrich is her sex life something you really want to think about??? ewww) But maybe that's what it took to sell the book?

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In my humble opinion, I don't think any of the current "stars, actors, actresses" could reprise any role of the classic artists nor could they "play" them in any way shape or form. Nope. Nope. Just can't see it. Those around today are often here and gone. The ones that hang in there must have some appeal to someone, but not to me. None of these current wannabes could ever measure up to the real actors and actresses we once had. I sincerely hope they don't start trying to mimic the classic stars at all. The classic stars are in a category by themselves which will never be broken in to or opened by anyone in the "now generation." I have had my say-does anyone agree with me? :) Sue

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I humbly agree with you. I've posted it before but it would appear nobody else agreed with me, that the twits as I've been calling them lately, of today, as you say, "can't measure up to the real actors and actresses we once had." Definitely. I mentioned Loni Anderson's Thelma Todd, Jude Law's Errol Flynn, to name two that wholely suggest people should avoid impersonating stars. An exception was in Ed Wood. Vincent D'Onforio did a superb Orson Welles and Martin Landau did a superb Bela Lugosi. Can't think of many others, including Errol Flynn's John Barrymore, something I don't mind, but isn't really that good. Nobody could come close to Dietrich so don't even bother.

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