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The Monroe Tapes


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I always see lots of documetary's on Marilyn Monroe's death, one included the actual coroner? medical examiner?( he was black )saying he listed it as probable suicide because it left the possibility of something else having happened because he was not thoroughly convinced. I always thought the maid's story was fishy, like she was leaving something out.They definetly cleaned her up before they called the police if she did commit suicide, because she was too clean ( no vomit, excretions ) like there would have been at an overdose death. I always thought that they ( the studio, maid )may have wanted to clean her up because they didn't want a star/friend found in a messy overdose death way. They also had a profiler examine pictures of her room, and the lack of personal items, pictures, anything on the wall or around her was a sign of depression and typical of suicidal people. If you look at pictures of the room, it hardly looks like a happy star's room. Absolutely barren. I think it will be very hard since the scene was definetly altered before the police arrived to ever find out what really happened.

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The mysterious circumstances of Marilyn's death have been documented in several excellent books. For those of us who were college-age in 1962, it might be difficult for young people today to realize how naive we were back then. To be specific, most people believed nearly everything the media fed us. After all, the government wouldn't lie to us, would they? But it took the debacle of Vietnam (after 1970) for us to realize the truth. But back to Marilyn:


The media really promoted the story of an unhappy and insecure Marilyn. Her failed marriages; her life in orphanages; a mother who had to be institutionalized were all factors (we were told) which contributed to her death. The clear indication was that she was suicidal, especially after being fired by 20th Century Fox after over thirty days of absences,often showing up five hours late and rarely knowing her lines. Of course, nothing was ever mentioned about the Kennedys--very few people knew about those affairs. What was not revealed--and came out years later was:


It has been reported that Marilyn kept a detailed diary. This was not a rumor, but a fact confided to at least two close girlfriends. After Bobby Kennedy told her their affair was over (probably on Friday night), Marilyn told friends she was to hold a news conference on Monday to tell all. Since Bobby Kennedy was going to run for president in 1968 he knew Marilyn was a serious liability. She died on Saturday night and the diary disappeared. More strange events:


If the strong sedative Nebutal killed Marilyn,(which was what the media reported) no traces were found in the body during the autopsy. In addition, medical examiners report that if an individual attempts suicide by overdosing on pills, then the bedding are practically destroyed (and often torn) as the body writhes in its final throes before death. None of this was evident in Marilyn's bedroom.


Other inconsistencies: Eunice Murray (Marilyn's "housekeeper") changed her story numerous times. She claimed to discover the body around 11:00 pm, so why was Marilyn's psychiatrist not called until 2:00 a.m., and the police not notified until 4:00 a.m.?


So will we ever know the truth? Personally, I have always been surprised the body wasn't cremated,(to destroy all evidence) but since Joe DiMaggio was a staunch Catholic,(and entirely controlled the funeral arrangements) cremation was strongly frowned upon by the church in the 1960's. Incidentally, Marilyn's crypt at Westwood Cemetery is visited more than any other. Next time you are in Los Angeles, go by and pay your respects. May she rest in peace.

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