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DISH Network vs TCM - where are we?

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(from what I read it IS the future 'streaming' profits he really cares about. Ergen owns 52 per cent of Dish and Echostar shares and holds 88 percent of its total voting power.)

I guess what galls me is Egren's arrogant attitude towards his customer base.

He figures 'they' have other outlets for getting news & cartoons, stick the crappy MGM (or worse, the Hallmark channel) to the old-timers and since many are glued into contracts anyway, what're they gonna do??

BTW let's now threaten to drop CBS also. That oughta put a fire under ALL the networks, right? They'll be the ones losing ad revenue, and Customers??.....

"-----'em if they can't take a joke!"




I didn't see this until now but I really believe you have it backwards.   Companies like DISH can't just give in each time a content provider like Turner wishes to raise their prices.   In order to keep prices down for DISH customers DISH execs have to draw a line.  The final deal with Turner is likely to result in a lower cost to DISH customers than if DISH just caved to Turner's original demands.  

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DIRECTV to Raise Prices In February


1. A new"TV Fee" of $6.50 will be charged to everyone to cover the rising technology costs.

2. All packages will go up by $4.00. As for the price increase in program packages, DIRECTV lays the blame squarely on programmers who are demanding higher fees to carry their channels. 

3. Regional sports by $2.15.


The DIRECTV price hike plan apparently does not include higher fees on DVRs and other equipment. They are not listed in the items that will see an increase. 


So all bills will go up by $15.00 in February for DirecTV customers. DIRECTV says that if a subscriber currently has a promotional rate on a program package, that rate will stay the same until the promotional period expires. 

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