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All The King's Men


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I just finished Robert Penn Warren's All the King's Men, and I must say, in my 16 years of life, that is the best American book I ever read. The Anne character was so beautifully written, that, had she been a real person, I could easily have fallen in love with her, and when she "betrayed" the narrater, I felt just as hurt. But that's besides the point.


I want to know about the movie. I know that I'll hate it, because it can't compare to the book, but I try to always divide the two, much like I do with remakes. I don't compare, I watch the new one as if the original was never made. But, how was the movie? I hear that it's being redone with Sean Penn, and Jude Law, and Kate Winslet. And why is the movie never on TCM?


Just some thoughts. ..



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Well, you unlucky fellow, 'All The King's Men' was shown on AMC this AM (Monday). Perhaps it will be rebroadcast again later in the month. As they say, "Check your Local Listings".


I haven't seen it but I've read good things about it (A worthy Four-Star movie). And Broderick Crawford is supposed to be great.


Kyle in Hollywood

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I have seen this movie twice and I loved it. I even bought the DVD after seeing it for the first time.


Broderick Crawford won a well-deserved Oscar for his great performance in the starring role, as the good natured man of humble origins who turns into this ruthless and ambitious politician.


Mercedes McCambridge is equally powerful in her role and also won an Oscar for it. The film also won the A.A. for Best Picture (Director Robert Rossen was also nominated). John Ireland (Nominated too), Joanne Dru, Shepperd Strudwick, John Derek and Anne Seymour, in supporting roles, are all very good too.


A must-see.


Obviously a film cannot be compared to a book, because there's no way all the details contained in book can be transferred to the screen or condensed into one motion picture; and the film itself, stands its own ground as one of the landmark movies of the Classic Era.

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BTW, I am not sure if the movie has never been aired on TCM, but it does not belong to its Movie Library. It's a Columbia Pictures Release, owned currently by Sony. Sometimes TCM airs films on lease terms from Sony (i.e.: It Happened One Night, Mr. Deeds Goesa to Town, etc.), so maybe it could be scheduled in the future.

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