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Hedy Lamarr & Vivien Leigh


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It is interesting to note that these two beauties of the Silver Screen where born only four days apart.


Vivien Leigh November 5, 1913 (Darjeeling, India)

Hedy Lamarr November 9, 1913 (Vienna, Austria)


Apparently, neither one of these two gals thought they where such a beauty! Lamarr complained that her breast where too small and her legs too skinny. Leigh complained that her neck was too long and her hands too big. Whenever possible, she wore gloves to hide her hands and to conceal her unruly hair, she wore wigs and hairpieces long before it was fashionable.

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What a coincidence, I have always regarded these two stars, as the most beautiful to ever grace the Silver Screen. Besides, they have the same "type" of beauty.


And both made films opposite Clark Gable and Robert Taylor and worked for MGM, around the same time (1939-1940).


Vivien starred opposite Gable in 1939's "Gone With the Wind" and Hedy starred opposite him in 1940's "Boom Town" and "Comrade X".


Vivien starred opposite Taylor in 1940's "Waterloo Bridge" and Hedy starred opposite him in 1939's "Lady of the Tropics".

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...wasn't Vivien Leigh born in 1913 and Hedy Lamarr born a year later in 1914?



On the main page for La Lamarr it gives the 1914 date; when you open up the mini-biography it begins with this:

"On November 9, 1913, Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler was born in Vienna, Austria, to a banker and his wife."


So, does anybody really know? Performers have been known to change dates themselves, no?



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[nobr]It's funny how many truly beautiful people can only see their flaws. I have read much of Viv's self-consciousness about her neck and hands and yet she's as graceful as a swan and Hedy was called the "most beautiful woman in the world" and still wasn't convinced. If they didn't have these insecurities we'd be criticizing them for being vain, non? ;) [/nobr]


[nobr]The two "misfits", side by side:[/nobr]




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