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Does anyone know the title of...?


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This description is VAGUE


Three sisters do not want their mother to marry a cuban man because their father is returning from the war. The man tries to win the girls over more than enough times but it just doesn't work. The youngest is secretly fond of him and the two older ones resnt her for it. In the end they try to get their mother and the cuban man =/ back ... together... again.



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I'm fairly certain that the movie is "Three Daring Daughters" (1948). It stars Jeanette MacDonald, Jose Iturbi, and Jane Powell, Elinor Donahue, and Ann E. Todd as the three daughters who decide to try to get their divorced parents back together while she is on a cruise because of needing a rest. On the cruise she meets pianist/conductor Jose Iturbi and falls in love with him. The mother has a suprise for the girls when they return, but the daughters have a surprise in store for her, too. Lots of music, and lots of fun in this movie. :)ML

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I've heard it was named "Three Daring Daughters" in a move deliberately reminiscent of "Three Smart Girls." The movie's original title was supposed to have been "The Birds and the Bees" but apparently that was too naughty. Then they changed it to "Keep Young with Music" but that didn't take either. So "Three Daring Daughters" it was and is.


Note to the original questioner...Iturbi played himself, and he's not Cuban but Spanish. I think you got them confused because MacDonald "met" him on board a ship on a cruise to Cuba and that's where they were "married." (It always feels funny talking about this movie since Iturbi played himself, even in this one, where he marries somebody!)


Best fishes,


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