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I don't know her name


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Mongo--there is a female singer who has appeared in many musicals. I thought I saw her again in Panama Hattie, 1942 but I don't know if she is the one I'm trying to put a name on. The stars is this film were Ann Southern, Red Skelton and Lena Horne. This lady did a number on this show but she showed some emotion which I had never seen before.

The one I am thinking of and can't put a name to doesn't move anything when she sings. Her face shows no expression, she doesn't move her hands, eyebrows. doesn't smile just looks like a statue singing. She has shoulder length dark hair and is a bit tall and slender. The only thing I can see move is her little adam's apple.

I can see her plain as day in my mind but can't come up with a name. Help! Thanks. :) Sue

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Sue, she is the one and only Virginia O'Brien whose nickname was Miss Red Hot Frozen Face. The deadpan actress also appeared in "Two Girls and a Sailor", "Merton of the Movies" with Red Skelton and probably her best role in "The Harvey Girls" with Judy Garland.

We lost her in 2001 at the age of 82.



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I was wondering whether Ann Southern and Marsha Hunt did their own singing in Panama Hattie. I doubt it. I'm not crazy about musicals generally but I thought this a fun movie on several fronts. Ann and Marsha are both so appealing and wonderful to look at. That was funny seeing Marsha so uppity at first, being the Admiral's niece and all, but she loosened up a bit. I love what the women were wearing. I don't know about fashion or how to describe but I'm referring to those two-piece matching outfits. If only women dressed like that today, the grand old art of girl watching might be revived. I've always loved Lena. She had it all. The singing, of course, and one of the sweetest smiles in all of moviedom, and so likable. Too bad they wouldn't let her be a star. I didn't know Virginia O'Brien at all, till now. This was a charmer of a movie.

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