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A man and his TV

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I think I have finally got them. the perfect picture settings for me led TV. the picture on my unit be comparable to anything out there. I'd put the picture on my led TV up against anything whether the newest curved screen 4k ultraHD oled TVs or anything. whether sharp aquos quattron or sony triluminos. I would put my cheap 149 (160 with tax) buck unit up against any of that. I've learned that you really can't get an optimum picture in terms of brightness, contrast and color in low room lighting. can't be done 'cause I couldn't do it so that settles that.
if it coulda been done, I woulda done it.
No, there is a reason why department stores put their TVs in bright light environments. the picture will look better.
that rule has held true going back to the days of the CRT TV.
the color on your TV should be bright and vibrant and 16.7 million colors be enough for anybody.
this sharp quattron fourth yellow subpixel stuff is just alotta horse dump.
sony triluminos? doan know. an outgrowth of their tablet technology it be.
thinkin' about puttin' interstellar on a disc the next few days and watchin' it.
yeah, I already got it.
tonite's vttbots ep the mechanical man should look spiffy on my perfectly calibrated TV. :)

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