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Unable to remember movie shown on TV


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I saw the movie on TV when I was much younger so probably in the late 60's/early 70's.  I don't recall if it was in black/white or not but I don't believe it was.


The movie starts out with grandmother telling the story of how she met grandfather to some kids....fade to flashback.  She's new in town (the new teacher?) and is staying with one of the families.  She's at a town picnic and two men (brothers, of course) are seriously interested in her.  The men are loggers maybe?  Ranchers?  One of them is more outlaw(ish) than the other one.


Anyway, the men fight over her while she enjoys their attentions.  The men finally give her an ultimatum and tell her she has to choose between them.....she lets the one brother see a ring that she could only have gotten from the other brother.  But he had just left it with her in *hopes* she would accept him.  The spurned brother rushes over, the brothers fight w/o the "successful" brother even knowing why at first.  Spurned brother says he will be watching and if she's not happy or taken care of, he'll steal her away....so he'd better treat her right.


Back to the storytime with the kids......The movie ends with the old bachelor brother coming over - again - to check on her and try to win her over (he's built a home nearby) and the brothers again get in a fist fight.  She's never "confessed" to her husband that she knowingly chose him in order to keep him on his toes....plus, she still likes the attention from the bachelor brother.


Any ideas?  I'm just hoping I've not combined a couple movies in my head.  I would have seen it just the one time but remember really enjoying this light-hearted comedy.  And I don't remember what any of the actors looked like so not a clue as to who they were!


Thank you!

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