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BLUE VEIL (1951) finally saw it again!


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Well, I managed to get a poor quality copy of this film on DVD and saw it for the first time in approx 50 years.  Interesting.  Not as super-impressed as I was when I was 5 years old.  But still good.  A very nice cast including RIchard Carlson (who would really refuse to marry him??), Agnes Moorehead, Joan Blondell, Charles Laughton???, and at the end she winds up with the family of Don Taylor (fiance in FATHER OF THE BRIDE).  


It was certainly worth a look.C611a.jpg

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Hi, I am new to the Message Boards.  I love The Blue Veil which I first saw about fifty years ago when I was twelve.  I was home sick (from school) that day and saw this absolutely wonderful film!  I feel fortunate to have seen it then, for I never saw it again on TV.    I remembered my older sister saying it was a great film when she saw it.


When I first got a VCR in the early 80's I tried to find a good copy.  I have not been able to get a good one.  Mine is very blurred.  A friend in Hollywood sent me a copy not long ago that doesn't look too bad, but it is missing the front of the film (with Jane Wyman's character in the nursery lovingly surveying the babies).  It illustrates why she became a nurse - her husband was killed in the war and she lost her baby. Could you please tell me your source?  I

wrote to a few people advertised in Classic Images Newspapers, but one of them Loving the Classics, sent me a terrible copy. 


I would be glad to send you any of my classic films for this one.  I can hardly wait to see it again.


I cannot understand why this great film is not available on DVD (and had not even been relesed on Video!).  Thank you~ 

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I'm glad that you were able to see this wonderful movie again.  I've been waiting for a long time for this to be shown on TCM, but it's never happened.  I'm wondering if there is some legal reason why this is not shown. I'd love to have a copy of this.  I remember the first tme I saw it, I sat crying my eyes out toward the end.  It's no wonder that Jane Wyman was nominated for an Oscar for this.  Just maybe someday we'll be able to see this again in its entirety.



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I love the picture posted.  It is a very classy film from  the early 50's. I do remember the scene with Jane Wyman, Agnes

Moorhead, etc.  A real tear-jerker.  I will look forward to seeing it again.  Right now my copies are either extremely blurred or incomplete.  Almost anything will be an improvement.  I am looking forward to one in the mail.  As I was saying in an earlier post,

I was home from middle school (sick one day - yeah, right) and this great film was on TV.  I almost forgot my cold, as

I was reaching for the Kleenex anyway.   I think both Jane and Agnes were underrated actresses.  They are in a lot of

wonderful films.  Here I am about 50 years later glad to find it again!    (A classic film fan since I was 8 years old and saw

a very scary movie - I Wake Up Screaming which I will never forget).

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