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Furcht 1917


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When I saw this movie I was stunned -blown away - it was so good.  I thought the main character was portraying me.  I think its pretty much a given that Germany topped the world in the silent era.  If you don't know that I suggest you get busy buying German silents.


FURCHT means Fear.  The lead actor Bruno DeCarli is way ahead of his time in this role.  He does virtually everything an actor can do.  And he does it so naturally.  Its about a man in so much inner turmoil - that is exactly what I went thru.  He begins by shutting himself in.  He can't trust anybody and his torment increases throughout the film.  I won't tell you the story.  But I will explain how my life corresponded with the film.


I had an xray done in 2011.  When I went the tech was quizzing me and this made me suspicious.

When his report came back normal, I knew it was a scam.  My doctor got the real xray and he knew I had a serious medical problem.  Right away I wanted to change doctors.  Then a woman began to scream about this doctor and what he did to her.  So I changed doctors.  the original doctor I'll call Hal saw me in the waiting room and he followed me around!    Then I became very paranoid because he knew I knew he hosed me on the xray.  I talked to my new doctor an hour I'll call Maria.

Then all the staff began sabotaging me.  They did everything to provoke me.  The system was totally dysfunctional.  My new doctor refused to look at the xray.  That really burned me so I went and got the xrays.  They are not me - not even close. 

I told the psychiatrist about the xray scam and the setup whereby the staff was messing with me.

I will tell you briefly how badly run this place is.  If you take a pain rx - now you become a criminal instantly.  They are hounding you for urine sampling.  in order to get a refill they have an impossible procedure.  You call up 7-14 days before the rx expires.  then you wait to hear back.  well no answer back and no rx............. finally you have to go there and its a mob scene.

Then to top it off my doctor Maria quit.  Nobody told me and now I am scrambling because no refill was put thru.  Then I got a new doctor I'll call Cynthia.  After 6 months she quit too!  And they are making me wait 2 hours or more.  2 more talks with the psychiatrist about staff abuse.

Finally he wrote a ton of derogatory stuff about me & he quit!  And the system changed whereby there is no hope to get thru the bureaucracy.


You are paranoid, cynical, depressed, angry. and then you see FURCHT and right there on the screen is a man portraying you. 

The best performance ever filmed.  For me.  It was made by Robert Wiene who made Caligari.

Cinema has not yet caught up to this movie.  Its on ioffer.  The print is horrible.  There is a beautiful print in existence.  But its being withheld.

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