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My 2014 thanksgiving dinner

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left to eat thanksgiving dinner at my brother's home. on the way stopped at the pharmacy and bought 3 kit kat bars and a die-cast toy. can't help it, I'm just a big kid. some shelves of these chinese-made die-cast toys. alotta race cars, some yellow school buses and these open door things that look like golf carts, 1/40 scale all of 'em. saw this one white humvee h2 and bought it. the only one there it was. I figure humvees are gonna be real popular soon. :)

well anyway got to my brother's and cased the joint, (looked around) gotta real big porch he does. lotta outdoor room for chairs and seats. a friend of my brother's cooked the meal. did an excellent job he did. had two portions of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn. I was too stuffed when I got to the second helping of mashed potatoes and couldn't eat it. too stuffed I was. :D

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For Thanksgiving, we had: turkey, sage stuffing, mashed potatoes & homemade giblet gravy, escalloped corn, rolls, cranberries and waldorf salad.  I washed that down with some Gewurztraminer.   We also had 2 pies: a pumpkin ice cream pie (with ginger snap crust) and an apple pie; but we didn't eat either because we were too full from dinner.  After dinner, I let the dinner digest while watching The Wizard of Oz on Blu-Ray.

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Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving, speedracer.  We went to a restaurant this year.  I had a leafy salad with walnuts, butternut squash ravioli, and coconut tart.  Not to mention a bracing gin and tonic.  At home I watched a TV special hosted by Hillary Swank on groups around the country that rescue dogs, followed by a variety of weird and mostly forgettable movies on DIRECTV free preview channels. 

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In the past, Thanksgiving dinner at the house I grew up in was usually held around One O'clock in the afternoon.


But the day began with of course, the annual J.L.Hudson's thanksgiving day Parade.


J.L.Hudson's was THE premier department store in Detroit and Metro area back in those days.  They had a BIG store in Downtown Detroit, and had a fantastic Christmas display set up on their 12th floor for YEARS.  It was legendary.


You could say that Hudson's was Detroit's answer to New York's MACY'S.  Which is kind of ironic, since when Hudson's started going belly up, most of the locations have become Macy stores!


AFTER the parade, it was usually followed, every year, by a broadcast of a short foreign film called "The Red Balloon".  I never understood why, since it had NO connection to Thanksgiving, or the beginning of the Christmas season, but the same station that showed the parade would also show this film every year.  over time, they added "MIRACLE ON 34th STREET"  which I first saw at about the age of 14 or 15, can't rightly recall.  THEN "It's A Wonderful Life" joined the "post-parade" line up.  THEN, As I pointed out to my wife, it was 47 years ago THIS Thanksgiving that I saw "A Christmas Carol" starring Alastair Sim for the first time in my life!  And it WAS a revalation.  I first saw the version with Reginald Owen the year before and wasn't much impressed.  But Sim's version remains THE definitive version for me to this day!


But, over the years, TV stations have quit showing many, if ANY Christmas movies on Thanksgiving day.  I recall my daughter telling me that as she surfed LAST year looking for one, she ran across a station that was showing "Jurrasic Park"!  And another showing "Disturbia".


THIS year, after the parade, the same station that in the past brought us "Miracle", "Wonderful Life" and"Scrooge"( as it was called in England) after the parade instead showed an infomercial about some surgeon who is supposed to be famous for performing CLUB FOOT surgery!  SURE to put ANYBODY in the Holiday spirit.  And THAT was in between BLACK FRIDAY sales ads.


Since my TIA's in July and June this past summer, one of the doctors saw fit to put me on a cardiac diet.  However, the cardiologist who gave me TWO stress tests that he claimed showed NO problems with the heart,  but suggested that the diet might have been suggested in an effort to help control blood pressure, I began to wonder....Since then, I've QUIT SMOKING my usual three packs a day, and have been daily taking FOUR blood pressure medicines, PLUS lipitor.  So I decided to try a typical Thanksgiving dinner, but scaled down in SIZE considerably.  So I had turkey, a SMALL spoonful of dressing, mashed potatoes with a DRIZZLE of gravy, The canned cranberry JELLY, instead of that "relish" that everyone goes for these days( I'm old school!) and green bean casserole, which I always LOVED!  AND I survived without even feeling funny, so I'm guessing my doctors DON'T know much about what they preach!  But, I DID make a pumpkin pie using FAT FREE evaporated milk, so I should be OK in THAT area!  But it WAS the first Thanksgiving in which I ate NO ham, so I'll be alright.


But, I'll never get used to NO Christmas fare movie-wise on Thanksgiving day....




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