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Classic stars on What's My Line?


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Here's a hot tip and it's a hoot. The old panel show, What's My Line? is on the Gameshow channel and I recently rediscovered it, after not seeing it since I was a kid. Well, guess what? It really holds up. The panel is Arlene Francis, Dorothy Killgallen, Bennett Cerf, and a guest each week, plus the moderator, John Daly. They are all witty, attractive, intelligent people and it's a joy to watch. Many of the stars we love on TCM make appearances as the Mystery Guest. So far, I've seen Hedy Lamarr looking gorgeous as ever, Charles Boyer speaking in a falsetto, Olivia De Havilland, Greer Garson doing an imitation of Tallulah Bankhead, Buster Keaton, a very nervous Joan Crawford, and on and on. If you live on the West Coast it's on at 3:30 in the morning, so you really must record it for later. Try it and let me know if you enjoy it like me.

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Awww.... many is the time that I watched that show while pulling an all-night last year in the dorms....wait til you discover "i've got a secret." I wonder if any of those old games shows...with a lof of our celebs are available on VHS or DVD. Like the best of "What's my Line" or something along that line....That would be great to have!


Enjoy your watching.


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There are a couple questions I wouldn't have allowed if I were John Daley back then, "Are you involved with a theatrical production currently on Broadway?" and "Are you involved with a current movie being filmed in New York?" because the panelists were very aware of everything that was going on in New York and it represented to big of a hint. Of course, an affirmative answer could be assumed since the mystery guest was, after all, in New York, but it seemed that after this question was asked the celebrity was identified.


I remember Carol Channing on this program. What a hoot! She answered the first question in this basso produndo that was hilarious. To hear the celebrities disguise their voices was always humorous but Channing brought the house down. She did this three times in a row and the place HOWLED! The panelists were affected by the reactions and shaking their heads in wonderment. Then (Oh why did you do it, Carol?) she tried to go high with the voice with her next answer and (alas!) was a dead giveaway. They didn't even have to ask her if she was involved with a New York production. You coulda stumped'em, Carol!

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